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Review: Park Bom’s ‘You and I’

October 27, 2009

OMG, how did I not know that Park Bom’s solo was already here? I’M SO EXCITED TO SEE IT! The song is called, “You and I.”

I lovelovelove Bom’s voice. I also think she is freaking adorable, and I always feel pretty sad when people say she’s “looked human for a second” or any similar comments due to her plastic surgery. Yes, on the other hand people will argue that she’s perfectly natural, but I can’t be that naive. Still, as I mentioned in my review of 200 Pound Beauty, I think everyone should leave others alone with they choose to make such a decision about their face/body/whatever. It’s true that Bom looked gorgeous before her transformation, but she seems happy with how she is now, so I wish we could just like her how she is. End of tangent!

Bom in a wedding dress! So pretty and cute.

I already like this video! There is the classic voice-over at the start of the song, OF COURSE (as Koreans so love doing), but it shows off Bom’s really good English. She does have something of an accent, but it’s pretty slight.

I love that they show her looking at a book with food. I LOVE IT.

Gahhh, this video is so cute even though I know it’s going to be sad in the end. THE VIDEO GAME SCENE. OMG. Dies.

Asdfklsdjflsdj WHY IS THIS VIDEO SO TOUCHING? It also has some “mature” stuff like marriage and “babies” because Bom isn’t a teen idol. That really mixes things up!

Ah, such a good video. I loved it! It was happy and sad and cute and beautiful all wrapped into one. The song is really good too! I need to listen to it more before giving a final verdict, but right now I can safely say that I like it quite a bit.

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  1. qoobie23 permalink
    October 28, 2009 8:34 pm

    lol @ the video game scene. My first thought was “omg video game + hot girl”. And then “wow, ps3 graphics suck” XD

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