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Review: Big Bang’s ‘Let Me Hear Your Voice’ or ‘声をきかせて’

October 28, 2009

Ah, so I wrote about a crappy version of “Let Me Hear Your Voice” FIRST and then I heard there was an MV (could this night get any better? Or rather, could this day begin any better?). YES. YESYESYES. I had absolutely no idea that they were doing a video for this song, so it’s a wonderful surprise. Please forgive all of the words I wound up writing for both–I really do love this group more than any other, so I tend to get passionate when they come out with something (especially if I like it as much as I like this).

So I’ll c&p my thoughts on the song and then give you some comments on the video.


Today I’ve had the chance to hear Big Bang’s latest Japanese single, “Let Me Hear Your Voice”! As I mentioned in the past, this song is the opening song for the J-Drama Ohitorisama, starring Koike Teppei and Mizuki Alisa.

I like all of the vocal “fluff” in the beginning. It sounds like Taeyang and Seungri? I could be wrong though; it’s hard to tell with the quality of the recording.

Ah, I really am feeling this song. I thought it might be really youthful for some reason, but it’s turning out to be pretty powerful. It does have a Japanese-music flair to it, but behind it all is Big Bang all the way.

Oh, I really really like this. I melt every time I hear such gorgeous vocals from Taeyang and Daesung. Seungri does well too, of COURSE, but Taeyang basically owns me (I love him so much) and Daesung’s voice is a mixture of velvet and chocolate. Velvety chocolate. Mmm! LMAO.

Rapping! In accordance to the rest of the song, G-Dragon sounds smooth and fantastic. TOP does too! Oh oh oh, the boys are doing so well for themselves. Even if they can’t pronounce Japanese that well (as I’ve heard), they still are making their name known.


I love seeing blonde GD with the rest of the group. I still have no idea why, but every time! I just get excited.

JAW DROP. Holy smokes. Is it okay to love this video already? Hearing this song with this kind of quality has me happy all over again. I love how beautifully this video was shot as well. GUH.

G-Dragon’s hair looks fabulous. I really should dole out money every time I comment on his hair because I talk about it way too much, but seriously. The boy works hair like no one I know!

Sdfjsdl DAESUNG. What a heart-breaker. Not only does he have the voice and humor, but doesn’t he look so handsome lately? He’s always been cute to me, but now he looks so manly. LOVE!

Taeyang really gets me every time. This guy… I really can’t even express how I feel! I just see him and lose track of words. Language? What’s that? There are very few things that can do this to me, so I hope you know that I’m never intending to give you cop-out answers for how I think Taeyang does. I honestly think he is so freaking handsome and his voice just melts me and he has grown up sososo much since Big Bang started. SDfsdkl.

Even though TOP hasn’t made a peep in this video yet, holy moly. I really can’t think of anyone who is better looking when I see him on screen or in pictures. I really can’t. His looks are effortlessly masculine and striking.

When Seungri is in videos lately I can’t get over how he used to seem so young. He still is young compared to everyone else (even Daesung, who isn’t that much older), but in relation so his old self he is so different. His voice has reached a point now that I can really appreciate it. It’s not at the level of Taeyang or Daesung, but it tempers things out in the group. You kind of WANT to have a less stylized voice in the group for certain parts.

G-Dragon sdfjadslkf. I love him too much. When it comes right down to it, I always like him more than I can reason out.

I just realized TOP’s voice is slightly digitalized. BOO! But he still sounds good.

Oh. My. GOSH. I am blown completely away. This video has left me stunned and amazed. It was so incredibly GORGEOUS and the song is one of my new favorites without a doubt. I thought “Stay” was one of their prettiest Japanese songs, but it doesn’t even compare to “Let Me Hear Your Voice.” It’s so powerful and everything about it flows so well. I used to think that their Japanese songs wouldn’t ever level with their Korean ones, but this one might just make it up there. LOVE.

It’s so hard NOT to like Big Bang. They are my first really Kpop addiction (because the other truly pale in comparison when considering my level of love for this group), and I haven’t wavered at all. I just love them more and more all the time.

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  1. October 28, 2009 9:17 pm

    haha i love your reviews.

    The boys indeed did look gorgeous & the MV had beautiful scenery and it was nice how they changed the setting a lot. From gloomy to bright, it was really nice. I was in love with the MV & song after the first time I heard/saw them.

    Their vocals were totally proved here, and the rapping was nice as usual. This was a mature look from the guys and they all pulled it off very well~

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