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Review: ‘Ohitorisama’ (episode 1)

October 30, 2009

When I first heard Big Bang was singing the opening song for Ohitorisama, I read the synopsis for the show and thought it seemed pretty average. Hearing the song, however, has made me really curious. I know the two things are hardly related, but I don’t know… I kind of can’t get enough of “Let Me Hear Your Voice,” so any associate is fine with me. Plus, Koike Teppei is also a big draw for me because that guy is SO DARN CUTE (although he doesn’t play really cute character).

koiketeppeiomg 800px-Ohitorisama-banner

After seeing the first episode, I can easily say that I have great expectations for this drama. Whenever I begin watching a school drama, I really worry that it’s going to suck me in and then throw me the same recycled story lines over and over. For some reason I don’t feel like that’s going to happen with Ohitorisama. There is already enough going on in it that makes it seem fresh and interesting, even though the settling has been used to death. Here is a quick run-down of how the drama is going so far (I was careful to not spoil anything!):

Akiyama Satori is a strong, confident woman in her thirties who loves being single. According to her, she could be married, she could keep a clean house, and she could have friends over–if she wanted to. But she doesn’t. She is happy with her life, and she is especially happy with her job as a teacher of Japanese history at an all-girls school. Things really get interesting when the school has a need for a substitute teacher, and twenty-three year-old Kamisaka Shinichi takes the job as simply a way to earn some money. The other female teachers (as well as the students) are thrilled to have a young guy in their midst, but Akiyama struggles with the bumbling, half-heartedness of Kamisaka. The principal seems to have a special interest in Kamisaka, and asks Akiyama to be his mentor. Their relationship is a pretty rough one–as Akiyama is strict and demanding, and Kamisaka is a timid person who has hardly gotten out of the student mindset himself. However, certain events take place and the two characters begin to sympathize with each other little by little and learn some new things along the way.

That’s all I’ve gotten from it so far! It’s hardly a synopsis or an episode summary, but maybe it will give you more information about the nature of the series. If anyone else has decided to watch Ohitorisama, let me know! I don’t know if I’ll recap or give any commentaries, but if it keeps staying this interesting I might!

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  1. September 27, 2010 2:23 pm

    I was searching about this issue everywhere,I was really curious about this…Really big thanks.I am thinking rent some episodes and movies soon.Looking for your next articles…

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