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Review: Big Bang’s ‘Hallelujah’

November 3, 2009

The music video for Big Bang’s song for Iris has been released!

I think this MV would be so much better if they had left out all the dialogue. It’s so gratuitous. The editor of the video probably though he/she was hot stuff, adding gunshot effects and putting in a random word here and there. I know most official movie or drama MVs are like this, but it really distracts from both the show and the song. You can’t enjoy either, because you’re too confused by the shift from this to that.

The song is pretty kick-butt, just like the drama looks to be. I still haven’t seen it, but it’s on my to-watch list.

It’s funny because at first I had no idea that it was a song that just had GD, TOP, and Taeyang. So, when I heard it I was like, “THERE IS AN EXTREME LACK OF DAESUNG AND SEUNGRI IN THIS SONG!!!” Haha. I love this trio though. I have to say the song TOP and Taeyang did for “Friend, Our Legend,” is one of my absolute favorites. The their voices go together well. I think GD fits in well too. Maybe I’ve been dealing with color theory too much lately, but these guys are almost like complimentary colors; each voice brings out the strengths in the other. Split complimentary? LOL. Jokes jokes jokes har har har.

I still need some time and a full (unadulterated) track to give my full opinion on the song, but I think it’s pretty good so far.

Oh, and happy birthday to TOP! TOP’s birthday is the 4th, so it’s his birthday now in Korea. He’s the only Big Bang member that’s older than I am. We’re only about a month part in age~ lol. If you’re on Twitter, I suggest you try out this project that The K-pop Addict is running for ~*Seunghyun’s*~ b-day. It starts 12 AM EST, November 4.

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