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Review: Rainbow’s ‘Gossip Girl’

November 11, 2009

So. Rainbow has released their first video, “Gossip Girl.” There are so many things that could be said about this, but I will try to minimize my ranting. Apologizes go out to anyone who is crushed by mild criticism.

Rainbow is soooo very DSP. The first indication of this is the garbled, heavily accented English. At first, it grates on your ears, but later you’ll laugh and find it endearing. Still, for now you want to die.

I think about six months ago we had too many new girl groups, but now it’s getting to pretty hilarious. It would have benefited DSP (I believe!) to wait until maybe January to debut Rainbow. Right now a lot of popular people are promoting and we’re already done with 2009 girl groups.

I also don’t see what sets this group apart. They are cutesy-sexy (ugh, hate that combo). Like f(x), they won’t hesitate to give you a “chu” face, but like 4minute, they won’t mind shaking some boom-boom. Like 2NE1, they are willing to try some interesting clothing combinations, but like T-ara, they go for girl-next-door hairstyles (well, T-ara prior to “TTL”). When it comes to the “older” girl set, Rainbow compares to SNSD’s size (once you get up there in members, specific numbers don’t matter as much anymore), sounds like Kara, and attempts Wonder Girl’s catchiness. It’s so boring.

I’m sorry if you’re into this group, but you can’t argue that it was really, REALLY unnecessary to throw these girls into the industry at this particular moment. They will have to compete with the likes of 2PM, Taeyang, IU, and even Park Bom who is still hitting high on the charts. I may not be a psychic, but it doesn’t take one to predict disappointing results for Rainbow’s debut.

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  1. Lisa permalink
    November 12, 2009 2:55 pm

    agreed completely. they are just ok. they sing fine…but forgettable. and the english….oh the english is just BAD.

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