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Review: 2PM’s ‘Heartbeat’ (part 2)

November 12, 2009

After a few days of listening to “Heartbeat” and seeing the video again, I have changed my mind to some extent.

The song is really good. I know even by the end of my review before I was warming up to it, but now I love it. I even have to say weird touches like the “beat beat beat” (it’s very odd) and Chansung’s rap give the song a unique flavor that JYP was probably trying to achieve. I actually liked “Tired of Waiting” quite a bit, but now whenever it comes on next (on the album), I find myself thinking about how much better of a song “Heartbeat” is. It just has a lot of passion and it stands out more than any of the other tracks on the album (although there are some good ones on there!).

I also complained before that the song was too elegant for some of the style and choreography choices, but I take that back some. I still don’t like the clothes or hair, but the feeling of the song isn’t just the romantic/beautiful strings; it’s the whole “heartbeat” theme. Knowing the lyrics helps too. It’s a song about a heart that is supposed to know that things are over, but it keeps beating anyway. Somehow the dissonant concept goes with that. Plus, 2PM has always been a group to break away from the crowd, so no one should be surprised that they don’t go for the classic “slick” look or even “gentlemen” look. U-Kiss came back with the former concept and they’re getting criticized for being boring (I have a post written out about them that I want to get out soon). It’s better to err on the side of standing out TOO much, right?

When it comes to the choreography, I’m sticking with the idea of dissonance. Studying the moves more (like seeing what the non-singers are doing while someone is on the mic) makes me realize how cool and unique this dance is. It’s not pretty, but that’s part of it! It’s rough and broken and messy and jumbled and confusing and I really think that it’s way more complex than I originally gave it credit for originally.

Maybe I read too much into things, and this is just another case. But with any kind of art, whether the artist intends to convey certain message or not, what you get out of it is important and valid. Interpretation is everything. I’m choosing to interpret “Heartbeat” as something more than what you get at face-value. JYP is a smart guy, and I’m sure he had to think even harder about 2PM’s comeback once Jay left. I feel like he put a lot into it and it’s working out well.

That being said, I can just imagine Jay doing this dance so well. And every time I hear Taec or Khun narrate on the album, I think that Jay would probably have done that originally. And hearing him in the remixes makes me really really miss him. Before I just felt sad about the situation, but now that we’re actually having 2PM with no Jay it’s more like, “This guy had way too much talent to just leave.” I thought about that before, of course, but it’s more pronounced at this moment.

But I don’t want to keep bringing up Jay. I didn’t really in the last review, though, so I figured it was okay to now. I’m not obsessing, but you can’t ignore he elephant in the room.

Part 1 is here. It’s more negative.

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  1. January 7, 2010 9:37 pm

    I love how opinionated and realistic your blog is. Thank you. I’m going to try and read more of your posts. ;]

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