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Review: Taeyang’s ‘Wedding Dress’

November 13, 2009

Taeyang’s “Wedding Dress” MV is finally out! I must admit that I’m worried about this song. I don’t think it will sound bad, but the (assumed) theme makes me so distraught. TAEYANG, YOU CAN’T GET MARRIED YET! LOL, kidding… or am I?

Oh, but starting the video, I’m wondering if it’s all that I imagined it to be. It seems a bit melancholy! But watching this guy play piano makes me heart flutter like a little girl. LOL! Romantic~

GUHHH, we’ve finally moved past the first thirty seconds of preview material we’ve had since “Where U At.” KSFLkdsjs. BUT WHAT IS HE SAYING?! Ahhh though, this song really is good. I can tell even this early on.

At least they picked out a really charmingly pretty girl for the video. I can be okay with that. / CHOOOOORUS! I love how powerful it feels. I think this is aided by the dancing! Wow.

Omg, I’m starting to wonder what’s going to happen in the video. Is this like Proposal Daisakusen?! Maybe it’s wishful thinking. OMGGGGGGASDFSLDFJASDLKJFKSDJ IT IS IT IS IT IS. I TAKE BACK THE “WISHFUL THINKING” THING BECAUSE THIS IS REALLY SAD OMG CRIES! Dude can’t catch a break.

Holy smokes!!! They go and break your heart by going back in the scenes and showing how one-sided YB’s love is. ;__; / Nothing will be sadder than the vision of Taeyang watching from the piano. OMG CRYING CRYING. / P.S. I LOVE THE DANCE SO SO SO MUCH.

OMGALDFJSL A KISSSSS HAHA THEY HAD TO SNEAK THAT IN THERE, EH? Taeyang gets all his action in his MVs, or at least YG would have us believe so. They didn’t even promote this lol. What a surprise!

Not gonna lie; Taeyang is much more expressive when he’s singing or dancing. Acting is not his forte! But I still love him. / I just realized that his back-up dancers are all couples! This makes this all sadder than ever.

Now that the video is over, I am rather speechless. This suchhhh a good MV. REALLY POWERFUL! It goes perfect with the song. I will have to gather my thoughts about it more, but for now I can only say that I LOOOVE it. Maybe I’ll recap my thinking after the first performance!

Subs are out at from alwaystaeyang@youtube. The song is even more amazing/powerful/sad when you know the full meaning!

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  1. November 15, 2009 9:30 am

    I found the MV really sad for me that I cried. Especially that he was just about to propose to the girl and then the man came out and put the ring on her finger T_T I don’t like the guy in the MV, but he is hot!

    I was hoping Taeyang’s MV to be happy like he had found his bride. How saddening. Still love the song though. 🙂

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