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Thoughts on MAMA 2009

November 22, 2009

Here are some very random and scattered thoughts on Mnet’s “MAMA” award ceremony. There is a lot I don’t mention, but whatever. Last year I held my thoughts on the MKMF and I didn’t post it until like a month five months later.

Yoon Mi Rae/Tasha and Tiger JK
(this has nothing to do with what I wrote; I just think they’re adorable)

2NE1 (2NE1 musical 1, 2):
2NE1’s performance was incredible! It wasn’t without its flaws, but it was adorable and incredibly entertaining. I loved how they kept showing GD (who was into everything) and Kim Tae-woo (who was constantly bopping along to the music) lol.

G-Dragon (GD winning Best Album of the Year):
Speaking of GD, his haiiiiiir holy smokes. I’m a bit confused about it so far because I’ve been only watching what’s coming up on YouTube (I honestly should watch everything in order, but whatever!). I saw GD accepting his award for Best Album (yay) and his hair was ENORMOUS but black (WE HAVEN’T SEEN IT BLACK IN ABSOLUTELY FOREVER!). Now I’m seeing him with a hat and it looks really short. What’s the deal? WHO KNOWS! Come to think of it, his hair was already cut for his Vogue genie shoot, so it’s not been an entirely recent thing to at least have the sides of his head buzzed. Interesting!

Anyway, back to 2NE1! CL’s hair is all kinds of adorable. I think if it was a touch shorter it wouldn’t have seemed so stringy, but it was still really cute. Minji’s shirt was ridic because the eyes on her shirt just outlined her boobs. Dara was a bit exaggerated, but that’s normal and I love it. Bom ruled me. The whole thing was great.

G-Dragon and Taeyang (“Korean Dream” Heartbreaker, Where U At/Wedding Dress, Korean Dream):

interesting way to start but the outfit was all wrong! Too KKK… but I’ll overlook it because it’s doubtful that Koreans have the same associations with pointy hats and white as Americans would. I can see his hair though! I guess his hair is the same length but dyed black and with buzzed sides? Kind of LOVE it! It makes him look more manly somehow.

ARM PUFFIES OMG LMAO. I just noticed how many dancers there are though! WHOA! AND ALL OF THEM HAVE BLONDE WIGS! That makes GD’s new hair color stand out even more (ps: his mission has been accomplished, because bleached hair has spread throughout K-pop-dom like crazy. Not that it was unheard of before GD did it, but you have to admit that it’s more popular now than ever).

This boy seriously has charisma up the wazoo. Love it. OKAY THOUGH, I just realized that the many dancers are just standing there. I just had a flashback too of people auditioning to be GD lookalikes XD

Where U At/Wedding Dress:
I’m surprised that YB is doing this song (“Where U At”)! Wondering how it will go. Does he change it up? KDfjldjf here he is. SO DREAMY.

A FLIP AND HIS SUNGLASSES ARE OFF! I DON’T KNOW IF THAT WAS INTENTION BUT IT WAS SO COOL. The flip was smooooth. 😦 Is something off? I feel like the sound and Taeyang are not synced. SUPER PROPS FOR THE 360 PERFORMANCE THOUGH! Impressive!

“Wedding Dress”! AW, the poor boy is so out of breath. His dances are so intensive. I don’t blame him at all.

Korean Dream:
GD LOOKS SO FREAKY Ominous. WOO THOUGH, GDYB! I like the contrasting colors so much!

Every time these two guys are together on stage it feels so epic. EPIC! OMG AND DJ GD? WTF AWESOME?! WHILE YB DANCES?? Ahh, great show.

2NE1 (Best New Female Artist):

I love the YG support given by GD. He is SO into 2NE1 throughout MAMA. LOL! LOOOOVE it.

SO MUCH CUTENESS HERE! I love these girls. “Papa Teddy!” LJSDFkj lolll.

2PM (Best Male Group and Artist of the Year):
This was sweet, sad, touching, and so many other things. I’m really happy for them all. Poor Wooyoung was shedding some tears! I feel like Taec is taking over some leader responsibilities even though he’s clearly not THE leader. It’s almost like a natural progression. I think it’s okay. I hope Jay comes back ASAP!

It was cute when GD got up to let 2NE1 in before the Artist of the Year was announced. IDK. I love the Big Bang/2NE1 interactions always.

HOLY SMOKES, Kwon Sang-woo was so evil with his building up of anticipation! I lovvvvvvved how GD mouthed “2PM” as it they were announced, though. AMAZING.

OMO though, Wooyoung crying again. Someone always cries XD And OMG is Bom crying or just blowing her nose?

;___; Love. AND THE END? WTF it was like a huge love-fest. Cute though!

Other performances:
2PM – Heartbeat/Again and Again: Powerful performance of “Heartbeat”! Random JYP conducting… lol. BUT “Again and Again” was so heartbreaking. Nothing but silence and a spotlight for Jay! ;__; So touching though.

Ivy and Nickhun – World of Temptation: O_O KHUN! LOL. And then Ivy’s “Touch Me”. Completely boring but lol when Nickhun came back again. IDK! It seems like Khun was a weird choice! He’s so boyish-cute that it felt extra pedo-ish of Ivy. Not that it was to begin with, but it gave it that edge. Nothing like Baek Ji-young and Taec! And the end was soooooooo funny when Ivy was all grinning with “blood.”

BEAST – Lies: There was something incredibly awkward about Seung-hyun dancing to a Big Bang song. Did you feel the elephant in the room? Cause I did. Plus it was really sad that they didn’t have a real stage! I mean, there was a stage, but it was the red carpet… and I was also pretty devasted that no one even attempted TOP’s fierce rap. I guess no one can match it, so they didn’t want to try LOL. Oh well!

Miryo, Jiyoon, Hyuna, Baby J and T – Lip Gloss & May Day: Sweet performance! It was a bit stiff at first but I lovvvvved it when Tasha appeared. Everyone had to stand up! Fantastic. Miryo looked amazinnnnnng.

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  1. November 26, 2009 5:28 pm

    Overall, it was good.
    But I think in the rappers performance, Tasha won it overall!

    I’m glad 2PM won two awards, they deserved it!

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