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Top 20 Kpop songs of 2009, part 2

January 14, 2010

Here is part two of my top twenty Kpop songs of 2009. For the first part go here.

I realized the theme of part two is definitely “this isn’t the BEST _.” I guess once you get past your top ten there are reasons why things aren’t in the top ten! Still, these are all songs I couldn’t keep away from for all of 2009. There is a reason for that, so stay tuned (or rather, keep reading) if you want to know what they are. I also included some runners-up so check those out at the end.

  1. G-Dragon – Heartbreaker: Hey, I know well enough that G-Dragon is getting slammed with plagiarism accusations for this song, but that doesn’t change the fact that I love it. Something about it makes me feel nostalgic and sentimental, even though it only came out a few months ago. I suppose the long wait for GD’s album to debut has to do with the anticipation and excitement I connect with this track. It embodies so much of the album, which makes me incredibly happy. I don’t think GD released the best album of all time, but he certainly gave us one with enough flair to impress. As a side note, I don’t think I’ve seen a video as much as I’ve seen “Heartbreaker.”
  2. Outsider – 외톨이/Alone: GUH, I love this song. I first listened to it because of the incredibly fast rapping, but I soon realized that what makes this song so good is the intense energy and emotion in it. The quick paced rapping doesn’t feel gratuitous; it’s more like the tumbling out of every feeling you’ve ever felt. Does that make sense? When you’re feeling crazy and emotional, everything is happening at lightening speed. This song captures that perfectly. Aside from that, it’s really just a pretty song. Well, “pretty” is not the right adjective, but it’s something like that.
  3. Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra: Of course this song had to make it on the list. I honestly think this song wins for being one of the most addicting songs of all time (or maybe just 2009). Not only is it a fun track to listen to, the vocals are nothing to sneeze at. I’m sure I’m one of many people who finally gave BEG attention after hearing this song. I liked them before, but now I feel they’ve joined the Kpop ranks. They can roll out a catchy song that also sounds great.
  4. T-ara & Supernova – TTL (Time To Love): Sflsdfj I adore “TTL.” I definitely blew T-ara off for the first few months after their debut, but at some point I decided I needed to hear this song. OMG. I instantly fell in love! I now really like T-ara. This song is just so much fun. It has a great beat and the rapping is hilariously awesome and dlfjsdjf the chorus is my favorite. I am also a fan of the dance for this song! It’s nothing special, but I really like it. I still don’t know much about Supernova, but they definitely rock this song with T-ara.
  5. TOP, Taeyang, G-Dragon (Big Bang) – Hallelujah: I’m telling you, TOP and Taeyang are the best for soundtracks. This song was featured on Iris (which I have yet to see) and guhhh I love it. It has a really kick-a** feel to it, right? Even G-Dragon fits right into this track (you know I love him, but you wouldn’t think his rapping could sound dark). At first I thought this song was a little boring, but the more I hear it the more I feel like it’s not at all like that. It’s multifaceted, if anything. No doubt~ Another good song that features this trio is “Super Fly” by Lexy. It was done a few years ago but it’s really addicting.
  6. So Nyeo Shi Dae – Gee: Aw, you knew this song had to be on here. Truly, it should be a very annoying song… but somehow you just want to play it over and over again. This is what I wrote about it back in February, and I have to say I still feel like that:

    SNSD’s “Gee” is kind of like a drug because the more I listen to it… the more I listen to it! When I’m halfway through the song I get this feeling like, “I’m going to listen to this again, right?” I want someone to save me, but then again… Gee gee gee gee gee baby baby~

    All in all, it’s just a good pop song. It’s fun and light!

  7. Baek Jiyoung – 내 귀에 캔디/My Ear’s Candy (feat. Taecyeon of 2PM): I know I said “Gee” was a drug, but hooooooooo this song is as well. I kind of think the addiction lies in the repetitive “la la la” parts. SARANGHAE! I LOVE YOU! WO AI NI! TE QUIERO! They say it all for me. I don’t think Taec is the best rapper in the world, but there is something about that guy that makes girls drool (whether he’s in audio or visual form). This song is just SO entertaining. I loved the live performances as well, despite the fact that the dance with a bit ridiculous. I’m telling you, it’s pure entertainment.
  8. 2NE1 – Fire: This songgg. It keeps bumping up and down through my rankings, but here it will stay. I was just listening to it today and I realized that I almost know all the lyrics. Even that is reason enough to place it higher! I love this song because it’s so ~gurl power~ and fun ~dance times~ lol. The styling for this song was all over the place, but looking back you have to admit that it was amusing. Yeah, this isn’t the best song around, but it sure is one that you won’t forget.
  9. Super Junior – Sorry Sorry: You’re probably thinking, “What?! Out of all of Super Junior’s ’09 songs you chose this over ‘It’s You’?!” Yeah, I did. When “It’s You” was first released I would have sworn up and down that I loved it more, but I actually got really sick of it because I listened to it so much. It was originally ranked at like… “8” or something, but then I kicked it off because I wanted to be realistic lol. I still love listening to “Sorry Sorry” and I knew when I heard it early 2009 that it would have to make it onto this list. It’s that addicting/fun/awesome/whatever. It’s borderlines irritating-beyond-all-reason, but it’s on the good side of that so it doesn’t quite go there. I just have wonderful memories of listening to this song and even today I was rocking out to it in my car. It’s just one of those songs.
  10. f(x) – LA chA TA: There were a ton of other songs vying for this position, but in the end this song won. I’m a sap for songs that get in my head, and “LA chA TA” definitely got in my head more times that I probably would have wanted it to. I think it was a very good debut song for f(x) and I still have hope for the group (despite “Chu~” or whatever it’s called ;)). If you have heard this song and haven’t ever felt the need to break out in a “LA LA ireoke chA~ chA chA ro AH~!” then I do not want to know you. KIDDING! But I’m the dork who wants to write “la cha ta” in the bathroom stalls just to see the disease addiction spread. KIDDING! Or am I?

Runners up (in no particular order):

  • Epik High – 따라해 (Wannabe) (feat. Mellow): This was a runner up because I felt that it would be “wrong” to put a song that I only just heard in 2010 on a 2009 list. I know, it’s a 2009 song but I was trying to be fair.
  • Super Junior – 너라고 (It’s You): See “Sorry Sorry.”
  • 2PM – Heartbeat: Because I love it! But not as much as others on here. I didn’t have enough time to get aquatinted… maybe. (As a side note, I’ve been watching the J-drama Pride, so now I want to add “maybe” to everything.)
  • 2NE1 – Pretty Boy: It would have been really pathetic if I had three 2NE1 songs on the list. Still, I guess this song isn’t as good as the rest. I love it though!
  • 4minute – MUZIK: Guh, this song is addicting and awesome. I’m just not addicted enough to knock anyone off the list for it.
  • SHINee – Ring Ding Dong: This song is definitely fun as heck, but not quite there.
  • T-ara – Bo Peep Bo Peep: I really wanted to put this song on the list but I know myself well enough to realize that it’s kind of a passing phase.
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  1. January 17, 2010 9:18 am

    I can totally understand your opinion on Super Junior and why it’s so low. Agree with most of it but not TTL, I think TTL.2 is SOOO much better.
    Hope you comment on my new entry!


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