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Ideal type?

February 7, 2010

In the West we have celebrity crushes and in Korea there is the concept of the “ideal type.” Even in the past people looked to Greek gods for the “perfect” form. While most of us know deep down that nobody is perfect, we can’t help pick out famous friends based on traits/qualities we see on our televisions and computer screens. Only a few out there will actually meet, much less befriend, these people… but it’s always fun to dream.

Celebrities in Korea are always being asked who their ideal type is. Guys typically choose someone like YoonA (SNSD) or Lee Hyori, while girls gravitate to guys like Taecyeon (2PM) or a select few male actors.

Who is your ideal type? Why? Is there someone you wish you could be best friends with in the entertainment industry?

To find out mine (and why I chose him) click on the cut!

동영배 / Dong Young-bae / 태양 / Taeyang / SOL / GUH:

I’m sure a few of you already figured this out because I’ve mentioned it before.

I feel like Taeyang is someone who kind of sneaks up on you and suddenly you realize you’re head over heels. In Big Bang I immediately noticed G-Dragon (and while I still love him to death, I would never want to be with him romantically), and TOP is incredibly attractive. To me, Taeyang was just the awkward guy with awkward cornrows. I found (and still do) the “Ma Girl” MV terrifyingly embarrassing.

Slowly, slowly, however, I realized that I would pick out Taeyang’s voice in Big Bang’s song–more than any other member. His voice is incredible. I think I officially realized my love when he went solo. Taeyang gained so much confidence and experience through that and getting to hear his voice ALONE is still something I cherish (despite my huge adoration for Big Bang). Seeing him dance also makes me like him that much more. I am a person who values hard work and whenever I see someone who puts their all into something I admire them tremendously. When you see Taeyang dance, it’s art.

What’s not to love about Taeyang? He’s humble, talented, manly… the list goes on and on. WHO COULD NOT LOVE THAT? I could listen to his voice for the rest of forever.

I will end this post by endlessly keysmashing my love and respect for this guy:

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Love, Taeyang’s (creepy?) fangirl

Interestingly enough, I’m the type to gush much more over guys like G-Dragon. Don’t let that fool you though! Is anyone else the same? Even though I’m joking around here, I honestly do like Taeyang quite a bit! I wouldn’t kid about his good qualities OR his fabulous looks (can we say SMILE???).

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  1. February 7, 2010 9:03 pm

    My preference tends to gravitate towards the cute (but not overly), genuine and with amazing smiles/eyes. Umm.. the usual candidates – Hyori, Taeyeon, Ha Ji Won, Sandara. But also got a bit of a soft spot for Jessica (SNSD).

    But my number one if I had to choose would have to be BoA. My first “celeb crush” from 7 years ago haha. And she looks smokin hot as ever ❤

    If I wasn't a dude, I'd pick Taeyang. Yeah…

    For a best guy friend/wingman, I'd have to go with the guys of 2PM/AM.

  2. February 7, 2010 9:07 pm

    I’m a big fan of G-Dragon too, and like you I wouldn’t “want to be with him romantically”. It’s like, liking someone but not wanting to be together, if that makes sense. ;]

    And Taeyang is amazing and a lot of my friends have big crushes on him. They crush on guys at school that they think look like Taeyang! LOL (In my opinion, they don’t; my friends just like TY too much, they see his face on other guys!)

  3. February 7, 2010 9:14 pm

    Michael: Genuine is such a good quality in anyone. I love people who don’t act like they’re hiding anything. BoA is a really awesome number one because she has it all! Vocals, looks, etc.! Plus, now she can speak English haha.

    I think if I had to choose some girls to hang with, I’d pick 2NE1. They seem so much fun! Especially Bom haha. I love her personality.

    Trina: Yeah, GD is the type I’d crush on forever but if he actually asked me out I’d be deeply annoyed. I just want to admire! I love him to death, but he’s more the kind of person I’d want to be best friends with.

    Haha, I feel slightly stereotypical for choosing Taeyang, but oh well! He’s a good pick, I think 😉 I wish I knew someone who looked like him in real life… lol, your friends are funny.

  4. robori permalink
    February 8, 2010 11:56 am

    ryeowook imnida or wooyoung. :)) i like cute guys. haha.

  5. becktdennis permalink
    February 8, 2010 7:48 pm

    i’m a huge dennis oh fan,
    saw him 1st in sweet spy….
    then i’m in love with top and taecyeon..hoho…..(luv guy tat can rap,hot!!)

  6. Pan-Chan permalink
    February 17, 2010 8:29 pm

    I have a few MAJOR biases in K-Pop, but when it comes to people I would just love to be friends with, I would undeniably have to agree with 2 major groups.

    First the guy/s that if I consider my “ideal type” a.k.a. platonic celebrity crushes would be three people that are very very different from each other~ I know pick one right~? I can’t since there’s so many good choices~ lol

    1. T.O.P. = This guy is major major hotness. What I first like about a guys it’s definetely the eyes. T.O.Ps eyes are intense and deep. This guy is kinda cute and dorky funny and you can tell he thinks about more stuff that he lets you in interviews. He’s a really talented guy and I love a guy that has an awesome fashion sense.

    2. Jjang Wooyoung = What I like about Mr. Poisonous cheeks Woodong, is that he’s freaking cute, funny and witty. I enjoy a guy that can make me laugh and I have a feeling you won’t be bored with him…lol…and there’s also the fact that he can transition from cute to beastly according to the situation. Plus he looks like he cares deeply for his friends. He’s just adorable!

    3. G-Dragon = Yes, I picked 2 from the same group. As I mentioned I like a guy that has style and fashion, but not just any but a good one, a.k.a a trendsetter! GD is defintely the man. He not only looks like an ideal type I would date, but we have many things in common~ I would just love to go shopping with this guy~ He’s also acts really cute which is fun and loves teasing people which I find dorkable~ Wait, didn’t he mentioned he liked girls that resembled cats? I’ll be your cat-girl~! LOL

    I know it’s an essay here, but I think these guys seem fun and dreamy. A girl can dream right~ LOL

    As for artists I would love to be friends with, I’d go with 2PM (they seem so much fun…crazy), Big Bang (a little less wild than 2PM but they seem fun too) and 2NE1 ( those girls are funny, Dara and CL look really fun..)

    Ok~ the essay ends here..hehe ^^

    Gotta love K-Pop~!

  7. February 17, 2010 9:11 pm

    Pan-Chan: I love your choices! I honestly do. Even though Taeyang is the kind of guy I would want to be in a relationship with, when it comes to “SFKLSDJ THAT GUY IS HOT/ATTRACTIVE” I have a few more I could add to the list. Wooyoung <3333 omgggg. He is one of my favorites from 2PM. If I'm watching someone in a performance, it's almost inevitably him (although admittedly, it used to be Jay but whateva~).

    I seriously think I could be bffl with 2NE1. I'm pretty sure most people feel this way, especially after seeing their adorable glompy-worthy selves on 2NE1 TV! Still, I love people who are genuine. I feel like they seem unintimidating, but probably if I had the chance to meet them I'd hide behind my mama's legs cause they're so overwhelmingly cool!

  8. Pan-Chan permalink
    February 18, 2010 5:25 am

    @zerohundred Haha~ although I think it’s weird they call it in Korea, “ideal type”. I call it more like celebrity crushes because let’s face it!

    What are the chances of finding an average guy version of them~? It’s ok I’ll keep looking~ LOL

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