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Why Jaebum left (more questions than answers)

February 28, 2010

When Park Jaebum (Jay Park) suddenly left 2PM back in September, I posted a lengthy article theorizing why he left. As tired as I am of talk of this subject, I wanted to make a “quick” post about my thoughts on the matter.

At this point in time, things are like this: Jaebum was thought to have left 2PM solely because of the controversy surrounding crude comments he (years) previously made on his MySpace. Fans were hoping that he would recover from his “shame” and return to the group, especially after JYP Entertainment and his fellow group-mates encouraged this idea. However, JYPE recently released statements that said Jaebum is never returning to the group or company; in fact, his contract has been completely terminated. The main reason they give for this is that on December 22, 2009, Jaebum contact JYPE and told them of an awful thing he did during the group’s “Again and Again” promotions (which began mid-April 2009 and ended a while later). The members were not informed about this until January 2010 and all agreed that it was for the best that Jaebum did not return.

Here’s the thing: after all this time, I had very little hope for Jay’s return. Sure, a few months in I felt there was every possibility. Up until a few days ago, however, I believed it was unlikely. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t sad to have it confirmed! Jay is a talented guy and the circumstances of his leaving have always struck me as sad and strange. While I do think this is an interesting topic to discuss, Jay’s “never returning” status isn’t worth too many words.

What’s worth talking about is the bizarre tactic JYPE used to inform fans of their decision. In fact, it’s downright frightening: Jaebum’s main reason for leaving was not as we previously thought. He left because he of “serious” mistake he made. I actually don’t doubt the truth of this, but I find it ridiculous that they would tell us this. Why? Because they cannot (or SHOULD not) tell us the details.

I can give you ten thousand and one quotes on what breeds fear best: ignorance. By giving us a general “he did something bad” we are left to our own imaginations. I don’t know about you, but my mind immediately thinks of the worst in these cases. In a question and answer session with the fans, JYPE and 2PM gave strong statements about the matter. They said things like “Jaebum is the attacker and 2PM is the victim,” “We are keeping silent to protect Jaebum,” and Junho said he hated Jaebum when he found out what he did. Whatever happened, we know it was a big deal. That’s what’s disturbing!

Another unsettling thing from the Q&A session is this:

15. If the controversy last September never happened, would your decision still stand the same?
Everyone: Yes

I don’t even want to go into what I think Jay did. I personally think at this point we should let it go and realize it does not concern us, especially now. I just find it rather mind-boggling that all this time we believed that he got upset/overreacted about netizen trolls, but all this time he had more concrete reasons.

Looking back at my theory post, I was a bit off base in this respect. Despite this, I don’t think I (or anyone else) was wrong in asking this question: “How did something so trivial trigger this kind of outcome?” The answer we have now is that it wasn’t anything trivial. I guess it’s comforting to know this, but I hate being left to imagine Jay as someone who should be in prison.

I guess a “fun” topic to discuss is why did Jay withhold this information so long? Is it possible that he was trying to protect the rest of 2PM? Himself? Or perhaps he realized he definitely did not want to return and had the ammunition he needed for a contract termination. I think it’s easy to find a bad guy in all of this, but I personally believe that we shouldn’t put blame on anyone. No matter what he did, Jay is probably happier back in Seattle. JYPE is only trying to do damage control right now, even though they’re doing a wack job of it. And 2PM…

I hate it that people are blaming and/or abandoning them. In this situation, they actually are victims of a sort. They have technically done nothing but their jobs, and in return people wish death to their group (not the individuals, but it’s still very harsh). Also, for anyone who finds it “cruel” for them to be in support of removing Jaebum from the group… realize that they have been through a lot. They’ve had to suffer through a lot of criticism by Jay’s swift resignation, and after a strong return they are brought down again by the same person. If you’ve ever worked hard on something, only to have someone (intentionally or not) mess it up for you, it’s painful. Please support these guys as much as you can, even if you aren’t into the group anymore. It’s one thing to leave a fan-cafe, but it’s an entirely new issue if you start attacking or blaming them for these events.

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  1. Pan-Chan permalink
    February 28, 2010 3:05 am

    Yeah I get what you’re saying but I have listened to the ENTIRE AUDIO of this conference myself…and I am so angry at the members for talking about Jay the way they did.

    Let me put in Hottests perspective for you~

    I think we were all sort of expecting for Jay not to be back…the official statement of JYPE before the conference sort of made us realize how much Jay was not coming back.

    What made Hottests furious is that if you listen to audio of the conference and read some translations, you can clearly read and hear the crap some of the members were saying about Jay.

    Like in my head I was like “ok, Jay’s not gonna be sucks…” but I NEVER not ONCE did I blame ANY of the members. Once I heard the recording at the conference, the way they made Jay seem. They way the portrayed Jay as a villain and them the victims…

    Why? Jay is not coming back..? Why trash him the way they did at the conference?

    I’m just angry at 2PM for saying the things they did when Jay was not there to defend himself or they knew he couldn’t come back. Why talk about him like that? Taec saying he had a “dirty social life” and Chansung saying “how dare he shows himself on youtube videos b-boying”?

    Like WHAT THE HELL was that all about..?

    I can’t believe JYPE let 2PM do that to themselves…what is the chance now of 2PM recovering from this?

    They brought this upon themselves….truly disappointed in some of the members…

    At this point, what I believe EVEN if Jay did something really bad, the should have restrained from saying all those shitty things about him. Why? Didn’t they realize that maybe just maybe that wasn’t a smart thing to tell fans who were angry enough anyway that Jay wasn’t coming?

    And then the JYPE when asked about about why the company didn’t protect Jay, they say, “Why didn’t you fans shield him..?” Like, are you serious? Just what have we been doing all this time?

    Anyway the 2PM I heard through the audio of the conference was a 2PM I did not recognize. I will continue to support their solo careers if they decide to pursue them. I don’t think the 2PM now has much time left.

    I will never be a 2PM ANTI. That’s just wrong. I loved them too much to do that. In fact, even now I feel like I could never ever hate Nichkhun or Wooyoung. I just think that I will not be supporting them financially like I did before. I will just be watching as a neutral fan.

    I don’t think I can get back to the way I used to feel about them before. Sadly thousands of Hottests feel like this.

    • February 28, 2010 3:20 am

      I’m just angry at 2PM for saying the things they did when Jay was not there to defend himself or they knew he couldn’t come back. Why talk about him like that? Taec saying he had a “dirty social life” and Chansung saying “how dare he shows himself on youtube videos b-boying”?

      Whoa whoa whoa. I heard that the actually words the members said were harsher than the translation I read, but since I don’t know Korean well I can’t translate for myself. I had no clue they said such things! WOW! That is awful. My respect for them went down a few notches.

      This changes things for me a bit. Still, I can imagine that they have been pretty hurt by this situation.

      My main gripe is that JYPE should have never mentioned this in the first place. Why couldn’t they have just said “Jaebum is never coming back” and kept it at that? I’m sure Hottests would still be hurt, but I think it’s way too cruel to bring in Jay’s personal matters.

      Although, considering that they DID bring this matter up… for the 2PM members to say derogatory things towards Jay is just unreasonable. The more I think about it the more I am confused. I would love to see a more accurate translation of this conference. Why couldn’t they just be respectful and quiet about everything? If he is a hyung they still love, why would they get mad that he is living his life, b-boying etc.? It’s not like Jay recorded those videos of himself. Ayyyy.

      Thanks for posting! I can see where you’re coming from completely. I’m a 2PM fan, but I am not one like I am a VIP. If something like this occurred with in that group I can’t even imagine how I’d react; I’m just saying that the more you love something, the more invested you become and you care a lot about these things. I think a lot of people are being too mean to how Hottests are reacting. As with any fan-group, they are people who don’t know how to reason and just get made mindlessly. However, there are clearly people like you who know what they are talking about and can fully support their ideas/reasons/etc.

      • Pan-Chan permalink
        February 28, 2010 2:56 pm

        Yeah it’s really confusing for me too. I am also waiting for a complete trancript of the conference but I don’t think I could HATE 2PM as some of the K-Hottests now claim.

        I think everybody just needs to relax and step away from this situation. At this point I don’t think Jay should ever be put in a situation like that ever again. He is better of in States. I mean the biggest thing I have realized out of this whole thing is that JYPE is one shitty company to work for.

        At the end of the day I still feel bad for the rest of 6 members. It’s not their fault their company was incapable of handling this issue. The other thing too is that what was so bad that in the eyes of 2PM, Jay couldn’t be back? I don’t know but I still think Jay is better off where he is.

        I think if they want to “live” through this scandal. They need to figure out hoe to calm down the fans first and then focus in the music more than their “idol” personalities.

        They should YG style. They become prominent in fans lives because of their music not because people think they would be awesome people to be friends with.

        Thanks God I have my babies of Big Bang. They’re the only ones that can keep me distracted enough to forget this whole 2PM drama.

        I AM Hottest VIP…..and good gracious my Big Bang is VIP no matter what~

  2. Srwl123 permalink
    February 28, 2010 3:57 am

    I agree with all statements if they just kept quite and be made a simple statement saying that Jaebeom has decided to stay in America, majority of their fans would in time learn to learn accept this. Now it looks like JYP is trying to hatch a demolition job against Jaebum, to try to turn fans against Jay and return to the 2PM-6. I mean JYP opened a pandoras box here by their vague insinuations that Jay did something so awful. How many rumour mongers are going to have a field day making up rumours to fill that information void that they left. How many Netizens will rifle through Jays private life to find out that information. The worst part is that they left Jay out in the cold and without any way to defend himself.

    To me what angers me the most is that this whole thing was totally uncalled for. They could of let sleeping dogs lie. I just think It was JYP’s pride that got hurt when people said he didn’t protect Jay, so now he has to try to make it out that he did everything he could to help Jay.

    • February 28, 2010 11:43 am

      This is so true. There are a lot of aspects about this situation that I don’t like, but I feel like everything would be so much better if they didn’t bring this up. Are they trying to save the company’s face by putting all the blame on Jaebum? It just makes them seem cowardly and weak. I believe that no matter how harshly they were treated by a trainee/employee/whatever, they shouldn’t let everyone know about their dirty laundry. In most businesses, if someone does something wrong they will try to fix it in a way that keeps the company looking good. I have no idea why JYPE went for this, where they end up looking bad just as Jay looks bad.

  3. UKISS permalink
    February 28, 2010 5:51 am

    HaHaHaHa!!! No more Jaebum!
    He did something so bad that the other 2PM members are bad mouthing him.
    It had to SO TERRIBLY BAD for the other 2PM members to be so mad at him.
    He must have stole something from them if they say:
    Jaebum is the attacker and the other 2PM members are the victims.
    The other 2PM members are now so happy to now definitely say that Jaebum is gone
    that they went out to karaoke and got drunk after the fan-meet Q&A conference.
    If the other 2PM members act that way, then it really has to be REALLY AWFULLY BAD
    whatever Jaebum has done to BETRAY his fellow 2PM members.
    Jaebum was always a BAD BOY from the beginning.
    And all the FANGIRLS are so attracted to the BAD BOY in Jaebum.
    Admit it. That aggressive machismo attraction in Jaebum is what girls find so attractive.
    But behind all that is a REAL BAD BOY who did something so TERRIBLY AWFUL
    that Jaebum betrayed 2PM and the HOTTEST Fans who did not see through his FAKENESS.
    You all have been FOOLED. No More Jaebum for all of YOU! HaHaHaHaHa!

    • nomnomicle! permalink
      February 28, 2010 8:00 am

      wow! you’re really annoying.

    • February 28, 2010 9:10 am

      You’re just a heartless anti. PISS OFF!

    • February 28, 2010 11:44 am

      Er, whatever. I find this an unnecessary comment but I’ll keep it around for the lulz.

  4. ethiogirl permalink
    February 28, 2010 8:43 am

    I have been a neutral fun of so many kpop artists since 2007. but my favorite were bigbang. but then suddenly a group called 2pm came in 08. I didn’t really care that much about them at that time i couldn’t even distinguish them from 2AM. but i still listened to them. i liked AAA. i am not someone who uses the internet everyday so i only watch Arirang and KBSworld which broadcasts shows which are 2-3weeks old. Then suddenly i heard about the withdrawl of jay. And my inner fandom erupted i start looking for updates about the situation and started to know more about them and i started watching WB and i really liked how the guys were carefree.
    Then when JYPE announced that they are terminating Jay’s contract and i had a mixed feeling.
    1. Are JYPE making up stories to make it easier for them to just end the contract and there were rumors that Jay also wrote about the slave contracts on myspace and that JYPE were angry that Jay broke the rule the members shouldn’t talk about their contract to an outsider.
    2. Jay might have actually did a “mistake”. But still i don’t get why the other members act like S***H**** and diss their Ex-leader and disrespect him at least he is their hyung. Where did the respect your elder culture went. Even if he did comit a “mistake” they should have calmed themselves and respectfully answered the questions. And did they say they missed him. i don’t Believe these is the way to miss a person. Right now i don’t know who i should blame for the way things turned out. But i am still not pleased about the way Taec and Chan acted. Maybe they were affected by the “mistake ” more than the other members. At least they should be thankful that Jay told them beforehand not later.
    I don’t trust JYPE with their history but i was relaying on the member’s emotion to tell us a little about the truth. I am still not satisfied. Because they overexaggurated. Yawning, Sleeping in the middle of a “fan meeting” . It is a sign that they are bored to death or they’re trying hard to hid their true feeling. i know i am contradicting myself with evry sentence i am writing it is just that i don’t want to beleive what happened to the “used to be best” boy band in korea.

    Anyways, i am sorry i wrote a long entry. And I wish the boys luck and i wish Jay the best. Thanks for the laughter you gave cause i am sure it was genuine.
    Peace out.

  5. February 28, 2010 9:09 am

    I don’t even know who to believe in the group. I’ve gone to putting DBSK back on my #1 list for boy groups. There are so many rumors about what happened but what if it didn’t? What if they kicked him out because they can do better without him?

    I myself can’t even call them 2PM anymore. They are 1:59PM to me. And hearing all the stuff that Eunice posted to 2ONEDAY just gave me a bad vibe about them all. It’s like underneath the sadness and tears, they don’t really care about Jay.

    I hope I’m wrong. So wrong. I’m just hoping it was really nothing worse than the Myspace thing and that Jay wanted to go back to America because really, he was only in Korea to support his family. However, in my opinion if he really didn’t want to hurt his fans, don’t you think he’d be clever to release a video message to Hottest?

    I have information and if anyone wants to read & COMMENT, click here, THE HONEST TRUTH:

  6. Ale permalink
    February 28, 2010 10:57 am

    I dedicated an entire post to how we should still support 2PM after Jaebeom left:
    but after reading some of the things I have from the people who were there and said Taecyeon and Chansung and just most of the guys in general (except for Nickhun who was the quietest member, and supposedly the only one wants Jay back) were incredibly rude and seemed as if they really didn’t care about Jay at all.

    That’s disgusting to me, I don’t think JYPE back-stabbed him by terminating his contract, I think it was the rest of 2PM who decided ‘Look how much attention I’m getting now without Jaebeom!” And when they found the ammunition in the form of a “serious mistake” he made during A&A promotions (which I’m really skeptical about because he didn’t even have time to sleep at the time) the members jumped at it.

    Jay was never even really my favorite, it was Taecyeon, Junho and Chansung, but now only he and Nickhun seem to be the only ones I have an sympathy for.

  7. ion permalink
    February 28, 2010 8:51 pm

    I’m pretty sure this “bigger mistake” Jay made is completely fabricated. JYPE added that little tidbit to make the fans and haters come up with ridiculous speculations and so that Jay won’t ever be able to come back to Korea. If you’re fluent in Korean, search Naver or Daum about JYPE and what they do to their former artists. They’ve been using these tactics for years.

    And to answer the question “Why Did Jaebum Leave?” Because he didn’t want to put up with JYPE’s shit anymore. They terminated his contract last year (and are only lying about terminating it days ago) because of those Myspace posts, one of which mentioned a ridiculous ten year contract they wanted him to sign (and that he wasn’t sure whether or not he should just go back to his family). JYPE was pissed that information of that nature (makes them look bad) was ‘out there’, so they got rid of him. And honestly, I’d like to think Jaebum would’ve felt relief from this outcome. Pissed off, sure, but more relief because he is out of that slave contract.

    And please don’t say shit like, “But the other members missed him! They love him”, etc. It was all a marketing ploy. JYPE used Jaebum (naming their album 1:59PM, blabbering about how they want Jaebum to come back asap..) to shell out more copies. It obviously worked, but maybe they should’ve put more thought into how they’d handle this major backlash…

    • qoobie23 permalink
      March 1, 2010 9:42 am

      All speculation and opinion.

      Whilst I always enjoy a debate and think everyone is entitled to their own opinion, more emphasis needs to be placed on the FACTS known, i.e. it is a fact that JYPE released statements regarding Jaebum and the termination of his contract; it is a fact that they held a press conference with all the members of 2PM; it is a fact that 2PM is now officially a 6 member team.

      I’m not saying what was said inside the statements or press conference were facts, but through all the rumors and speculation, there is so little to base our decisions (whether Jaebum or JYPE is at fault) on. People having been saying this for half a year, but Hottests need to take a damn step back and settle down. Up until Jaebum himself personally reveals the his side of the story (though even if he does release a personal video owning up to whatever “treason” he has committed, no doubt Hottests will still blame JYPE for ‘forcing’ Jaebum to say what he says), everything is rendered mute.

      JYPE just cannot win, and whoever thinks that all of this is just some ploy to sell more CDs, through the use of so-called “noise marketing” is just … any publicity is good publicity? Bull. Look at Tiger Woods. FAIL.

      You really think this whole thing was set up by JYPE?

      Myspace comments revealed. Koreans hate Jaebum:
      1. Jaebum leaves on his own accord. We all know what happened next. Boycott Boycott Boycott. Mob dance. Post-its. JYPE lose, or;
      2. Jaebum stays in 2PM, everyone boycotts 2PM because of the myspace comments.
      JYPE lose.

      It has been revealed that Jaebum committed some wrongdoing that far eclipses that of the Myspace comments.
      1. Jaebum personally admits to the wrong doing. Everyone hates Jaebum, and hate JYPE for not revealling sooner and not properly protecting the now 6-member 2PM.
      Jaebum & JYPE lose, or;
      2. Revealed that JYPE was lying about Jaebum’s so-called wrongdoing. Everyone hates JYPE. Boycott boycott boycott. Mob dance. Egging. Breaking CDs.
      JYPE lose.

      The ONLY possible situation where JYPE can benefit from this whole debacle is if Jaebum really did not do any nor admit to any wrongdoing, JYPE therefore does not terminate his contract, and Jaebum returned for 2PMs album in April.

      If JYPE did really set this whole thing up, they really screwed themselves over and Mr. Gorilla deserves it. Sure, JYP has made some mistakes, such as his seemingly poor promotion of Lim JeongHee, G-Soul and Joo, but JYP is no dumbass (I know he’s not the CEO but he is still very much the integral link between Jaebum and 2PM). I actually give him a lot of credit as I think he is very very talented, both musically and through business, sort of like the Korean Jay-Z.

      So all this hate directed at 2PM, and JYPE is really uncalled for. Let the red mist to settle. The truth always gets out. The truth is out there. duh duh duh dummmm.

  8. Kristy permalink
    May 2, 2010 2:49 pm

    Jaebum is the BEST looking one in there band&he got kick out because they say that he have this thing on myspace saying that he hates Korean people even tho is a Korean himself.So yeah,he got kick out becos of that&its a STUPID reaso how he got kick out!

  9. Kristy permalink
    May 2, 2010 2:51 pm

    Jaebum is the BEST looking one in there band&he got kick out because they say that he have this thing on myspace saying that he hates Korean people even tho is a Korean himself.So yeah,he got kick out becos of that&its a STUPID reason how he got kick out!

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