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Review: Outsider’s ‘주변인: The Outsider’ mini-album

March 6, 2010

Hey~ I just wanted to remind everyone that I’m alive. School is keeping me more than busy, but I still want to try to update at least once a week. I’ll definitely do more if I can or if I “need” to (lol), so don’t worry. Once things let up I’ll be around more.

Anyway, I wanted to review Outsider’s most recent mini-album because I’ve been enjoying it a lot. I know Outsider has gained a lot of interest over the past few months, but I feel like to some he may be a novelty that is easily forgotten about. After his success with “Alone/Loner,” I wondered how he’d do with his next album. I’m really pleased to say that he’s done quite well!

  1. 달빛의 노래 (Intro): I love intros like this! It’s almost like an echo or shadow of the upcoming track. So beautiful ;__;
  2. 주변인/Acquaintance: I love this song so freaking much. I used to think “외톨이/Alone” was amazing, but now I think that songs falls short when it’s compared to “주변인/Acquaintance.” The music is gorgeous and I am in love with Outsider’s rapid-fire rapping. I think it conveys strong emotion; when it all comes out at once it’s almost like confusion mixed with sadness/anger/confusion. The music box sound that goes in and out of the song is so haunting. DSlfksdjlfj. I honestly can’t find the words to describe how much I love this song so you have to have to have to at least try it out.

    The video is incredible. I could watch it over and over because it’s beautiful and artistic and GUH it fits the song so well. You can hardly tell what’s going on, but I think that’s the best part. Is it real or a dream? Pain and emotion throughout. Perfect. I like that there is a story and then every now and then you get flashes of Outsider rapping.

    I have to tell you that I like it best when I have headphones on. I tried playing in the car and the magic was somewhat lost. It’s still an amazing song, but you might as well immerse yourself in the sound.

  3. 피에로의 눈물2/ Tears of Pierro 2 (feat. 길미/Gilme): This song is really good. It’s not at the same level of “Acquaintance,” but that’s because it’s a different type of song. It’s more hip-hoppish than anything I can think of. I like the mix of rapping and singing in the chorus. The strong piano and beat give this song a cool feeling. This is probably my second favorite track from the album. This song is a second part to a song on “Maestro.” You can kind of hear the relation if you compare the two songs.
  4. 바람이 불면 너가 떠올라/When the Wind Blows, I Think of You (feat. 일락/Illac): I’m honestly not into this song much. It’s fine once it gets going, but I always want to skip it once it first comes on. Something about it screams “cheesy”! The chorus makes it bearable though. The song after that is fine, but for some reason I don’t like the beginning.
  5. 일장춘몽 (A Time-limited Life): I like how this track begins with ocean waves. It’s one of my favorite sounds in the world, so I’m a sucker for music that takes advantage of the calm and relaxing quality of it. The music for this song reminds me a bit of Daishi Dance. I like that this is a song that is mostly relaxing and has a smooth sound. It has energy but it doesn’t get out of hand.

    There are also two instrumentals included on this song, one for “Acquaintance” and one for “Alone” (from “Maestro”). I can usually take or leave instrumentals, but I am happy about these. The music is so nice that it’s fun to listen to without the rapping (although the rapping honestly makes the songs what they are).

Over all, this mini-album is pretty darn good. I feel like it would even be fine with just “Acquaintance,” but having the other songs helps round things out. I totally recommend giving this a try! Even if you think you dislike rap, I have a feeling you’ll at least be intrigued by “Outsider.”

By the way, I got a Formspring for any questions you might want to ask me.

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