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Review: Epik High’s ‘Epilogue’ (quick review)

March 9, 2010

Epik High always seems to release their albums at the most inopportune times for me! I’m going to have to do my best to review this, especially since my earphones broke. I did one run with one ear (because the only working earphones I have only have one ear) and this is it… I will do a more in-depth review later, OF COURSE!

I’m super excited about this album! It was such a surprise to me because I thought Epik High wouldn’t be making new music without Tukutz. As some of you remember, I didn’t listen to “[e]” until early January for this reason! Now I feel super silly. Oh well! It feels like I’m getting a lot of Epik High all at once. I’m a bit apprehensive for how this album will sound without the group’s third member, but I’m optimistic.

  1. 서랍: I like this intro song. It’s very moody and Epik High is usually good about setting the stage for their albums/songs with tracks like this. It’s a little spooky too.
  2. Run: I’ve been wanting to hear this so bad, especially thanks to Tablo for giving quotes etc. in both Korean and English on his Twitter. The MV teasers have also added to this excitement!

    Okay, it’s harder than I thought to judge music via one ear. From what I can tell it’s good! It’s rather different for Epik High, isn’t it? I don’t immediately feel into it but I can still say I like it. I need to give you a better opinion when I hear this fully!

  3. 바보/Fool: I might need to marry this song. I historically have a thing for songs called “바보” (and I’ll let you in on a secret: it’s the first Hangul word I read). This song is keeping that affinity strong! SSSdfljdk. Something about this song is so pretty/guh/love. It’s smooth and it just has that SOMETHING, I’m telling you.
  4. Wordkill: My tired brain is starting to fail me (as far as coherence goes), but I can easily say I like this song. It’s not too wild/crazy/catchy, but it’s very listenable. I like the mix of sounds!
  5. Blossom: INSTRUMENTAL! This album is starting to remind me a LOT of “LOVESCREAM.” In a good way. I adore tracks like this where you can just sit back and enjoy the sound.
  6. 비늘: I love the way this song starts! I like the solid rapping as well. I need to get a list or something of who is featuring because I’m not discerning enough to decipher who is who on which tracks (aside from Tablo and Mithra, of course).
  7. 잡음: This song goes well with the rest of the album. It doesn’t stand right out, but it flows well. For me, it ties in the feeling of “Run” with the other tracks (as of now). It seems like there is more electric guitar on this album. That’s really different. But interesting different. I like the bridge a lot.
  8. Coffee: I WANT TO KNOW WHO IS SINGING HERE! I don’t mean to keep bringing it up, but it’s really hard to get a good feel for things when you’re only listening with one ear. However, from what I can hear I looooooove this song. Lovelovelove it. I don’t even like coffee much (it’s a good thing too because I’m on a from caffeine and this song would make me want to run out and down some java). This song is just all that I love about Epik High + pretty female vocals. I want “Run” to be my favorite from the album but I think “Coffee” wins round one.
  9. Over: Another great instrumental! Or not? ENGLISH! I love how Epik High now regularly incorporates English. Thank youuu, gentlemen. Nice flow, ‘blo. Now I’m starting to wonder why I though this was going to be just music. Lol the chorus is speaking to me~ I’m such an overachiever D: I’m actually really intrigued by the lyrics right now. Cool song, yo.
  10. 숲: Last 😦 Is it an instrumental? The length is short. I’m starting to think I don’t care because it sounds really nice. Rain (actual precipitation; not the guy)! I love rain sounds in music (just like I dig ocean sounds in music). Ah, nice.

This was my super-quick/brief (right, can you believe it?) review of the album. My first impression is that this is a pretty solid album, even if it’s missing Tukutz. It’s something different than what we’ve recently been hearing from Epik High, but I feel like that’s characteristic of the group. If I was to compare this to anything I’d say it’s like “LOVESCREAM”‘s brother (not sister for some reason). It’s great to listen to when you want to wind down.

I hope to come back later and give you a more comprehensive review later when time and earphones come back into my life. I also want to listen some more so I can develop more thoughts on things. Goodnight!

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  1. March 9, 2010 2:35 pm

    You have just reminded me, thanks for posting this!

    ~A new H!P entry for you to see:

  2. March 9, 2010 8:57 pm

    Ooh, nice review! Gave a listen to the album, and loved it as well.
    and btw, the one featuring on track 6 is Yankie~ 😉

  3. March 11, 2010 10:21 pm

    damnnn I LOVE “Run”. Seriously had been on repeat the last few days. Something about it that makes it so addictive, even more so then Epik High’s previous title tracks. I think it may be even as great as “Fly”. To me, “Run” has so much emotion, sadness, melancholy, inspiration, energy, hope… to find so much in a 4 minute track is rare these days.. especially in K-pop.

    I prefer their high energy, more upbeat material. You could probably say I have a more commercial taste then you if you know what i mean?! But I do see the similarities to LOVESCREAM. Haven’t given much of the album a chance to be honest.. too hooked on “Run” !

  4. wanxin permalink
    May 31, 2010 10:15 am

    same here! i’m totally into run! it’s really the best best song i’ve listened to in kpop so far!
    actually i didnt know it was from epik high at first…what got me hooked was the mv…
    and it’s not the full mv but the part where they showed the boy running at the end of the mv.
    my heart skipped a beat when i saw that scene.
    of course google is everyone’s best friend and tada! i found this amazing song!

    oh! i have a question! someone please enlighten me! is the boy REALLY handicapped? or can someone tell me who he is? THANKS IN ADVANCE!

    • May 31, 2010 1:46 pm

      Yes, the MV was very inspiring!

      The guy who acted in the MV is not handicapped in real life. He is “L” from the upcoming group “Infinite.” This group’s company is “Woolim Entertainment,” which is the company Epik High is affiliated with.

  5. October 21, 2010 2:15 am

    I’m a new Epik High fan and I don’t know them very well (although I also love this album), so what happened to DJ Tukutz?? Why did he leave? 😥

    • October 21, 2010 12:39 pm

      DJ Tukutz is in the army. In South Korea most males have to serve in the army for about two years. It’s mandatory. He’s coming back though!

  6. October 21, 2010 2:35 am

    Oh, and the girl singing in Coffee is named Seongah, I believe. But I may be mistaken.

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