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I think I love One Way

March 11, 2010

I should have known after I first saw they covered Taeyang’s “Look Only at Me.” I should have known when everyone on Twitter couldn’t stop talking about them. I should have known when they were getting huge attention before they even released their first mini-album.


Maybe you’re like me. Maybe you’re the type who has become jaded about new artists. When I first got into K-pop, everything had huge potential to be awesome. However, as the years rolled on by I got into the rhythm of just listening to what I was comfortable with, only checking out new music when it got huge acclaim.

For the past week or so I’ve honestly seen non-stop news about the group One Way. Considering how they’re not an idol group, I’ve been boggled as all get out as to why they’re so popular already. Their mini-album only came out on the 4th and they only started releasing music in February, so what’s the deal? I actually watched their video for “One Way” and wasn’t particularly into it. It was clear they had talent, but did they live up to the hype? Being me, I listened once and moved onto something else (probably school, TBH lol).

However, I stumbled upon their song “Magic” today and I have been hooked! This song is so amazinggg. It’s the perfect mix of R&B and hip-hop. They remind me so much of Taeyang (my favorite, of course), but they have their own vibe that you can’t ignore. After being sucked in by “Magic,” I decided to give their mini-album a chance. Even though I initially didn’t get into “One Way,” I am now a convert. Their whole album is actually very solid and worth listening to–100% worth it. Notable thing: They mix some English curse words into their songs; just another reminder they aren’t an idol group.

Hopefully One Way won’t fall off the face of the universe after their promotions for this album. They’re already developing a sincere fanbase; interestingly enough, they’re gaining a lot of international fans. One reason for this may be that all three members of One Way are English speakers. Here are some member stats:

Leader, Vocals
Born : Kim Michael
Stage : Chance
Birthday : 10/22/1986
Height, Weight : 178cm, 64kg
Born : Hyun Peter
Stage : Peter
Birthday : 12/03/1985
Height, Weight : 175cm, 61kg
Young Sky
Born : Cho Junyoung
Stage : Young Sky
Birthday : 04/04/1988
Height, Weight : 179cm, 65kg

Got the member’s info from onewaysound@livejournal. It’s originally from this cyworld.

Watch an English interview with them on YouTube here.

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  1. March 11, 2010 10:13 pm

    posted up my own thoughts on asiawhat. I really like them too, but not sure how they are doing in Korea. Hope they get a lotta love and make a good impression there!

  2. March 13, 2010 6:34 pm

    There something really special about them, and “One Way” is very good also.


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