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Tablo’s insights into ‘Epilogue’

March 21, 2010

It’s almost been two weeks since Epik High’s “Epilogue” album was released, but I’m still loving it. After the album became available to everyone, Tablo began writing notes about each song on his Twitter. I thought I would compile the set so everyone could enjoy (long after he stopped tweeting about it). I really like it when artists release thoughts and notes about their music. It’s not necessary to get insight into songs, but it hardly ever hurts.

  1. #epiloguesongnote 1: (서랍 + Run) Intro & title track. Wanted to musically express the running experience. The warm-up, the sprint, the catching of a breath, the unexpected stop, the re-up. Life is a run, and all runners are beautiful, slow and fast.
  2. #epiloguesongnote 2: (바보 / Fool) A laid-back song for good headphones. In these outspoken times, it’s getting increasingly difficult to find people who shrink up at the thought of confessing love. This one’s for those lovefools who can’t let go of that innocent fear.^^
  3. #epiloguesongnote 3: (Wordkill) Made this back when I was workin’ on our 5th album. Think I was hurt by some hate mail, as idiotic as that sounds. We released a demo version of this last year, but I flipped the hook for this release. For no reason at all.
  4. #epiloguesongnote 4: (Blossom) An instrumental track in the mode of Eternal Morning. I recorded with an acoustic piano and distorted it to what it is. Tried to create an “Asia-ness” atmospherically… don’t know if I was successful.
  5. #epiloguesongnote 5: (비늘 / Skin) Way back in the day, mithra, yankie and I collabo’d on a song called “The Rhapsody of Rain”. This one’s the sequel. I think Yankie’s rap should be world reknown. That’s why he’s the only featured emcee on the album.
  6. #epiloguesongnote 6: (잡음 / Distorted) Focus was on the arrangement. I recorded the fuzz from a radio and worked it into a rhythm. Next time, I’ll make a whole song with noises from daily life. I had a rap part in this originally, but Mithra killed it so I bowed out.
  7. #epiloguesongnote 7: (Coffee) Originally written as a theme song for a short-lived sitcom back in the day (it was rejected for being too depressing). After that, I thought about putting it on our fifth album, but I ended up making a song called ‘우산 (Umbrella)’ which had a similar feel… so, it got shelved again. It’s an underappreciated song, no?
  8. #epiloguesongnote 8: (Over) Those who must always be the ‘best’, do you envy them or feel sorry for them?
  9. #epiloguesongnote 9: (숲 / Roots) Rainfall in a forest. What lies at the end of it all? A valley, a mountain, or a cliff?

You should listen to the album again now that you have new questions and thoughts to go with each track!

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