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Is 2PM’s ‘Don’t Stop Can’t Stop’ offensive?

April 19, 2010

I was wondering how 2PM would approach their comeback after all of the hate they got when Jaebum officially left the group. After watching “Without U” and listening to “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop” I’m intrigued by the message they seem to be delivering (from what I can perceive with what English words they use and what little Korean I know).

Their first comeback MV was for “Without U,” which shows the remaining six members in a rainy turmoil. The lyrics proclaim, “I’m gonna be ok … without you.” Other notable lyrics are, “I’m gonna get stronger,” and “Listen, everything happens for a reason.” No matter what the whole of the lyrics translate to be, it’s clear that they are projecting an image of recovery–hurt marked by a persevering spirit. I honestly think this is a good way to return to the public eye. The “pathetic,” wounded 2PM members show an apologetic side, while the lyrics promote hopefulness and endurance.

When I listened to the title song, “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop,” however, I was rather surprised. I mean, I don’t keep up with 2PM religiously, so I’m not sure if they’re planning on promoting this song now or later (or ever?), but it makes a little more sense now why they didn’t immediately release a video for it over “Without U.” The lyrics are much more along the lines of, “Don’t think you can ever get rid of us.”

“You wanna see me fall, right (haters)? Like a candle on a windy night (yeah right)? Just watch me do this, take a breath, hold tight; I ain’t never going down without a fight, a’ight?

It could be taken two ways (or more, potentially). The first way I see is what antis or former fans could see: pride and arrogance. I’m assuming they WANT the apology of “Without U,” not a, “whateverrr we’re just going to go on no matter what until we are rolling in the ₩.” However, the second way I see this song being taken is more like, “So you hate us? It’s fine. But we’re going to keep going.” I personally feel this is more of a Western approach? Correct me if I’m off-base. Even still, many “fallen” Western artists ignore humility altogether, so I’m not about to say that 2PM is being ridic and they’re suddenly Chris Brown multiplied by 6 (although CB definitely realized he f-ed up his career and tried to apologize his way back, but I digress). I actually like this attitude much better. I was worried they’d spend the next year or so killing the world with apologizes they really didn’t need to give. Argue with me all you want; no matter how they reacted to the Jay stuff, they didn’t do anything particularly wrong.

As far as the album goes, I’m surprised to say that I love it. Actually, I didn’t really go into how I felt about the first two songs! I think “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop” is pretty decent; it has a good pacing and a lot of energy. I didn’t immediately start shaking and crying (lol) at “Without U,” but at the same time I could tell from the first that it would become one of those songs I’d go back to. I really am liking “마자.” It’s upbeat and a quality track (not really a song I’d promote, but very good). “목숨을 건다” exceeded my expectations as a 2PM ballad (I typically feel they should stick with dance tracks). It’s very listenable. The other two tracks are remixes, but they actually bring something new to songs. This album is totally worth checking out!

SO. That was a big mix of 2PM stuff! What are your two cents on 2PM’s newest release? Do you think “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop” is pushing the limits with fans? Are they too arrogant at this point?

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  1. April 19, 2010 3:23 pm

    I was shocked at first when i watched Without U mv, because (like most people) i also thought it sounded like they were referring to Jay. But honestly, i think it’s not really like that. I mean the song is about a guy who broke up with his girl (or vice versa?) . So if you think of it that way, the latter makes more sense.
    and about the music, i really love the piano melody , ever since i first heard it (on their official website). Most people kept saying the melody was too repetitive , and that they hope it’s not a depressing song like Heartbeat (i actualy don’t find heartbeat that depressing) , but looks like the real song is more upbeat than you would think at first 😀 I really love it . (and i’m not biased for once xd) .

    It’s funny how 2AM (the ballad group) did a dance song ” 잘못했어(I Did Wrong)” and then 2PM suddenly decided to do a ballad song “목숨을 건다” 😀 I like it. But i think 2pm and 2am should stick to dance music and ballads respectively (:

    There’s something about the music of “마자” that i like 😀 I can’t put my finger on it. (: I’ve played this song the least number of times compared to the other songs on this mini album, (only 22 times says my itunes) , so i can’t really say much about it. I have to listen to it a bit more before i can finally decide how i really feel about this song (otherwise i’ll just be 2pm biased and say i loved it) .

    I had ‘Don’t stop, Can’t stop’ on replay for ages (but i suddenly had the urge to listen to the other too, so i changed XD) . It’s amazing. The way they sing , (and rap), really makes you believe that they really are “stronger than ever” and are “Gonna be ok” , so that makes me very happy ^^ 😀 I do think it makes them sound a bit arrogant, but what do you expect? They’ve been trying their best, but the damn anti’s , ex hottests, haters have been bashing them nonstop just because Jay left 😦
    If 2pm are arrogant, then what would you call them haters?

    Well, this has been a long comment ^-^ I was initially only going to read it, but i couldn’t resist giving my “two cents on 2PM’s newest release” (:

  2. Pan-Chan permalink
    April 19, 2010 7:47 pm

    I agree with you, actually a lot. I think this is a good way to approach their music career and gain new fans because we all know how the old ones feel~

    Either way, personally I feel “Without You” is growing on me but it didn’t give me a huge impression off start~ But nonetheless it a good enough song to get them started after all the craziness~

    As a long time hardcore follower of 2PM, this whole ordeal was heart breaking~ But right now I feel much better because I know 2PM and the Jay are moving on and have people that still support them~

    I know there are many fans that left 2PM but there are other mature fans like me that understand this mess was both sides’ fault, but we also learned to forgive and support.

    I still love 2PM and Jay Park no matter what~ They were meant to last far longer than some haters want~

  3. nsyaffeeey permalink
    April 23, 2010 12:36 pm

    I somehow agree with you. 2PM moved on so did Jay and both are doing pretty well now so i guess as a 2PM fan,we shall support them. Still loving Jay and 2PM and yayyyy this sunday is Jay’s birthday! Hehehe!

  4. 2pmforever permalink
    April 27, 2010 5:40 am

    You’re right.:)
    I actually loved how they approached the new album, it just proves that they’ve matured.:)

    I so love DON’T STOP CAN’T STOP!!!!
    the lyrics are empowering and its a way to say, its okay if you don’t like us we’ll move on, we’ll stand up and work harder.:)
    this is actually my favorite song off of the album, i love KHUN’s rap, i love that its really powerful.:)

    Its right that we just forget the past and just support both 2PM and JAY.:)

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