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Featured song: Dumfoundead’s ‘Clouds’ feat. Jay Park and Clara

April 29, 2010

So. I wasn’t going to write about Jay Park/Jaebum’s first real song since leaving 2PM, but I kind of have to now that I’m obsessed with it! The track called “Clouds” and is headed by Dumbfoundead. He got Jay and a lovely singer named Clara to feature. I already knew Dumbfoundead was a solid artist, but to be honest, I haven’t made a huge connection to Map the Soul artists outside of Epik High (I actually used the last of greatly-hoarded iTunes gift card money on Dok2’s album and it hasn’t been played nearly enough). I guess hip-hop is an iffy genre for me. I like my non-fluff music to strike a certain chord, you know? However, I’ve learned that Dumbfoundead knows that chord pretty darn well.

What I like about this song is that it doesn’t get lost in cliches or ideas or whatever things that tend to get on my nerves. This song is just GOOD. That’s all there is too it. Both Dumbfoundead and Jay really slam the raps out of the park (although for some reason I always get a bit hung up on Jay’s cow/burger reference… IDK lol, I’m not a vegetarian but the line always gives me pause). My favorite thing is the perfect accenting of certain parts of the song via Clara’s voice. I’m a complete sucker for rapping mixed with light vocals. To be perfectly cheesy, it’s like flowers growing out of concrete. While some songs are meant to be pure rap, I’m always delighted by the tracks that dare to mix things up.

I guess a lot of people would expect me to make some kind of commentary on Jay’s involvement (considering how I tend to “enjoy” writing about the ins and outs of his leaving 2PM), but I have little to say on the matter. I think it’s great to see/hear him in a different environment, though. How rare is it to see an idol in his/her prime suddenly transport out of their group and into a different genre/style? And actually make it? It’s interesting to follow what’s been going on with Jay lately. I wish him luck on all of his current entertainment-related endeavors.

I have to hand it to Dumbfoundead for this one. It was a smart move to include Jay in this song (to up his own popularity, if that’s what he was going for), but he seems to know his stuff musically. I’ve been listening to more of his music on his YouTube channel, and I’m really into it. I thought I “knew” him from what I heard through Epik High, but now I realize otherwise.

If you’re interested in the song, it’s free. Download it here.Dumbfoundead

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