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SM Entertainment is probably addicted to crack (proof is in the f(x))

April 29, 2010

I kid, but only because I hardly know “crack” from any other drug. Sometimes I honestly think entertainment companies must be high when they come up with concepts for their groups.

SM is no different. Despite this, I got pretty intrigued when I saw teaser pictures of f(x) pop up all over the internet. The style is a bit artsy and interesting, don’t you think?

Sulli; Amber

But wow, the teaser for their song had me laughing. That, or maybe it was mostly the title? “NU ABO”? It’s even harder to get straight than “LA chA TA,” because even though the letters are grouped, they are pronounced individually… but not. Nnn-yew ah-bee-oh. It’s more like a mixed-up lesson in phonics, because each letter is closer to being pronounced than named.

Not that Kpop ever made sense, but sometimes it’s fun to step back and say, “What the?”

I think the song is probably going to do well and be fun to listen to, but for a minute there I thought perhaps f(x) was going to come out with something a bit cooler and less circus-meets-ADHD-meets-preteen-meets-wtf. AH, but what would f(x) be without that?

For those who want a bit more information than my random musings, here is some more concrete stuff (and of course, there is bizarre explanation for the “unique” title):

The title track NU ABO (NU yeppioh) is a dance song which contains a simple synthesizer riff and drum combination that will invoke strong feelings and the emergence of a new generation with a taste that does not exist. The word NU is pronounced as “new” and ABO is a reference to the blood types, meaning f(x) will emerge as the “new blood” for the K-Pop industry. The song is composed by Troelsen, Thomas who also composed BoA’s U.S Debut song ‘Eat You Up’ along with other foreign composers.

The title track will be released on the 3rd at 10am KST.

Translated by alice @
Source: Nate

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