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Review: f(x)’s ‘NU ABO’ song and MV

May 5, 2010

A few days ago, SM’s latest girl group, f(x), released their newest single, “NU ABO” (pronounced “new A-B-O,” with the A, B, and O standing for blood types). Today, they finally revealed their MV for the song!

Fierce. That’s what this song is! Ever since I first heard it in full I’ve loved it. I like that there are different layers to the song; at first it has a rap-y pace, and then the choruses come, and all of the na-na-na-ing, and then more rapping, and then singing? And then Luna blowing my mind with her solo??? IDK. I seriously gush over the Krystal/Luna bit and then when Luna comes back around with her solo part ksflsdjfl. Happiness. Something about it is just… fierce, I’m telling you. The song almost wants to become annoying at certain points, but it all ends up working somehow. At first I was a little put off by the fake audience, but after enough listens I got over it. It really is just a fun song to listen to.

Put all this together with the video and I couldn’t be more pleased. Well, I could, because the video isn’t particularly special. Buuuut it doesn’t screw things up either, which is really quite positive.

The styling isn’t horrible. I’ve gotten used to it and I’m in love with all of the pictures that keep being released that feature the girls in this style. They’re so GUHHH. I love the makeup in the video! It’s fun without being insane or overpowering. It looks like they played around with colorful eyelashes, but it’s nice because they didn’t go crazy with anything else. Just appreciating.

One thing I must note is that each member stands out for particular reasons. Clearly Amber stands out (she always does), but I like how they styled her for this. She still holds onto her characteristic androgyny without falling into too-masculine ground (like she sometimes has in the past, and it kind of pisses off a lot of fans, if you haven’t noticed yet). Krystal stands out because DANG that girl has charisma. Sulli is like this also, but she also manages to seem quieter, and ahhhh she looked lovely in this video (I especially liked it when her hair was in a sort of braid). I think Victoria and Bom (2NE1) could easily be put together in a category. There is just something not QUITE there in stage presence. It’s so close, but when you compare it to everyone else, you just want to cock your head slightly and figure out what’s missing. BUT she still rocked it, as she always does. I’m just noting this! Luna has always been amazing to me, and I can’t quite place why. I suppose she just has enough confidence to truly shine, but she doesn’t absorb your attention right away so you almost come away feeling surprised by her. I love her voice too.

ANYWAY, I’ve been listening to this song a lot lately, so I’m glad that the video is good as well. My only two complains though would be: Victoria’s horse pants (lol does anyone else think her pants look like two horses’ manes?) and the weak lyrics. Other than that, the song is a hit with me.

What’s your opinion? Is it better or worse than their previous releases?

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  1. May 7, 2010 12:10 pm

    I guess what you can say is that more and more people are getting used to f(x) unique style, they aren’t having the same concept as others, at least that’s why I think. ¬_¬


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