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Swooning for Big Bang’s ‘Tell Me Goodbye’

May 17, 2010


I had no idea that Big Bang was going to release their “Tell Me Goodbye” video today! This song was created for the Japanese release of Iris, the most recent drama that TOP acted in. I actually forgot all about this song. I practically died with excitement/happiness when I saw the video pop up on my subscription queue on YouTube. Big Bang is my finest obsession in Kpop (I’ve been honing it for years; I should hope it’s developed nicely), so I will go into unnecessary detail in expressing my opinion of (and probably undying love for) this song and video.

I must discuss how stunning the cinematography is. I was all misty-eyed throughout the entire thing. When I first saw the cuts between G-Dragon and the mysterious female actress, I was practically bursting with love for the eye-candy. I don’t think you can blame me. Honestly, that’s just the beginning of my emotions over the visuals. I could claim it’s because I’m an art student, but that would be silly because I think almost everyone is probably loving the look. I have no idea why YG puts so much production quality into their Japanese videos (oh wait, lies; they did so well on “Let Me Hear Your Voice” and this because they’re for airing dramas. They’re trying to deliver well after all the good promotion), but I love them for it. Gush gush gush. I even liked how you could spot the sweat and pores and all that good stuff. It really added to the experience. I don’t know why they always give Taeyang unusual scenes (ie. his random running scene in “Let Me Hear Your Voice”) like being in a desert? but I just like to stare so that’s okay.

NOW, the song. Here is where I have to take it down a key, but don’t be scared (I will probably never hate a Big Bang song, just so you know). The song is a LITTLE less than I was hoping it would be. Don’t get me wrong; I love it. However, I feel like there is some kind of dissonance, or that the vocals and music don’t match up at times. I think it’s especially apparent when TOP raps near the end (in the car). I can’t put my finger on it, but it keeps me from feeling like this is the new, best song EVAR. Still, I love the emotion and flow of this track. It has many fabulous moments (I love Taeyang’s falsetto at about 0:40), and I have a very good feeling it will grow on me as I listen to it more. I always try to let my misgivings out right at first though. I feel that, on a whole, the song achieves setting a great mood. It’s beautiful and I want to take it home in my coat pocket (if I was wearing a coat… It’s not a good idea to do so as it’s typically 85-90 degrees in Florida right now).

(Please excuse the onslaught of fangirly pettiness that requires me to dissect everyone’s looks prior to discussing the actual music/video. On second thought, I’ll put this at the end and pretend all this was an afterthought. Did you see these last few parenthesized sentences? You didn’t.)

As a person who likes to discuss G-Dragon’s hair quite a bit (I have almost considered making a tag for it), I must comment on it. OMG. I love this style so much. Every time he has it like this I faint with joy. While the boy can pull off so many looks, this one compliments his face like nothing else (and I think he looks so sharp with the clean-cut look, but this style keeps it a bit bad-boy too). I’ve finally come to terms with GD’s relationship status (I previously felt a bit miffed that the KVIPs knew about it for over a year and no one breathed a word of it in my realm, but more on that in a later post), and now I see him in a better light than even before. I’m SO happy he is happy. I’m really digressing from the MV, but don’t you see it lately? For a while he seemed to be under a dark cloud, but in the past few months (if you think about it retrospectively) he’s been a bouncer, happier guy (albeit a bit more secretive ;)). ANYWAY, I love him in this video. GUH.

Another person who deserves his own paragraph is TOP (although I want to say Taeyang, TOP needs to come first second in this post). His hair goes without saying, right? It just needs to be discussed. It’s a very bizarre style choice, especially in light of the beautiful, vintage quality of the video. Is it so he stands out more? Because the song is for his drama? (I think now is an appropriate time to insert a lament that they never made an MV for the Korean Iris song, “Hallelujah.”) No matter the reason, it’s not as bad as I was expecting it to be. It’s weird, yes, but give it to TOP and he’ll work it like there’s no tomorrow. I love the cut of his hair, by the way. I think he looks best with a bit of hair near his face, but give him a shorter cut with some volume and I’m also in heaven. He just. GUH. And the glasses… No words.

And yes, Taeyang is reliably handsome. I don’t think he’s the most “shiny” member of Big Bang, but my heart is constantly growing in love for him. He takes everything so seriously, but also knows how to kill you by throwing you a few eye-smiles now an then. That’s the kind of stuff that kills fangirls, don’t you know? Loveeeed him in this video. Seungri is looking SO mature lately. I think he did very well in this (no one can quite call him “baby” with the same relish anymore; at least I can’t). Daesung’s hair is a bit long for my liking (I had to pick on someone’s hair!), but I absolutely love this guy so much. I love how much he’s grown as an entertainer in these past few years. You can see it in his incredible charisma in this video.

SO, in conclusion? I love this. I even love that YG took us by surprise by releasing it with no (apparent) warning. Lately, I’ve been rather frustrated with the company for not being consistent, and I’ve missed Big Bang a lot. While I prefer their Korean music (it just works best for them), they’ve nailed some Japanese songs in the past few months. Major props. I hope you were able to get through this spazz-post without any scarring, by the way. I just love this group way too much. You should be thankful I restrained myself so I could get to bed before dawn 😉

P.S. Happy first anniversary to 2NE1! I forgot until Sean (of Jinusean) tweeted about it on Twitter.

OH YES! And the suits. Thank you, stylists. You make fangirls weep with joy over this decision.

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  1. May 17, 2010 8:16 am

    LOL look at you spazz out!

    What a beautiful MV. When BB makes a return to the Korean music scene, I hope they also bring with them their mature sound which they have developed in Japan. I wonder who has the biggest hand in their Japanese music? Because the contrast is really evident.

    TOP looked pretty badass, especially in the scene where he was driving with cuts on his face. But I couldn’t really understand what he was rapping? At first, I wasn’t even sure what language he was rapping in XD

    Damn BB and 2NE1 need to make a comeback! 2NE1 1 year anniversary, and only one mini album…

  2. ahwen permalink
    May 18, 2010 8:47 am

    They actually had a ‘warning’ (if you call it) of this song.. Just that they didnt specify when its coming out.. TOP’s my fav even though his english rapping is not that clear LOL. I love his eyes and lips and everything about him xD Anyway, the movie 71 Into The Fire starring TOP is coming out soon. Be sure to catch it ^^
    BB ❤

  3. May 21, 2010 5:48 am

    T.O.P looking as good as ever! ^_^
    What’s the storyline though I wonder?
    It’s a very good song though.

  4. May 30, 2010 12:47 am

    Your not alone! I spazzed out for the song and the mv too!

  5. wayne rooney permalink
    August 26, 2010 6:13 am

    good so cu

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