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Several disappointments (part one/Infinite)

June 12, 2010

I don’t know if three years in the K-pop fandom has caused me to fall into a jaded, unenthusiastic state, but sheesh. I listened to three albums that have recently been released and all of them fell far below my expectations. Here’s something to give you a perspective of my opinion: I like Miley Cyrus’s “Can’t Be Tamed” more than some of what I heard by these artists.

So… who are they? I’ll start off by telling you that I genuinely like all of these groups, so perhaps that’s reason for my having expectations to begin with.

Infinite, f(x), and Super Junior.

Let’s start with Infinite:

I was REALLY looking forward to this group. The fact that they’re mentored by Epik High and belong to a company that characteristically produces good music (Woollim Entertainment. Powerhouse artists like Epik High, Nell, and Jisun are under them) gave me a lot of reason to get hopeful. They recently debuted their song and MV for “Come Back Again,” and while it wasn’t mind-blowing, it was sufficiently fresh and exciting.

WELL, listening to their mini-album had me re-thinking the whole group. Why would they debut with only one good song? Who would LET them debut with only one good song? Yes, I’m being very subjective; it’s just my opinion that the album is lacking. But PLEASE, you have to admit it isn’t as strong as you’d wish it would be.

I’m disappointed that Infinite doesn’t seem to have anyone that music or (stage) entertainment-wise stands out at this point. In all of my favorite groups, at least one person has a strong enough voice or good enough rapping skills even just the swagger to grab your attention. Ignoring my bias, Big Bang, plenty of groups I like have something that stands out about them. 2PM pulled me in right away because of their dancing and animated personalities (on stage; we’re not talking about actually personalities right now). SHINee, against my initial thought that I would NOT like them, made me adore them through their earnestness and fantastic vocals. Even MBLAQ has me intrigued with just two songs. They command attention. I’m not saying Infinite won’t do this for me in the future, but right now… if you put their debut song aside, they really need to step it up. I could go on for longer, but I’m sure this is already getting you bored.

I’ll talk about f(x) and Super Junior tomorrow. Honestly, I’m not trying to hate on Infinite. I think they have potential. I think a lot of people are intrigued by and interested in them, so I’m curious what you think.

(Also, please don’t assume what I’m going to write about f(x) and Super Junior! You’ll see.)

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  1. kpoopin' permalink
    June 12, 2010 12:39 am

    i really love you!! :)) love ur blogs! πŸ˜€ keep it up! πŸ˜€


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