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Several disappointments (part two/(fx))

June 12, 2010

Yesterday I posted about several disappointments I’ve had lately. They involved three groups: Infinite (post here), f(x), and Super Junior. Today is about f(x).

Alright, why have I been disappointed in f(x)? To be honest, their first mini-album, “NU ABO” is not up to par with what I’ve come to expect from them.

If you recall, I really liked the song “NU ABO” and gave it a favorable review. I had high hopes for the rest of the album, naturally. I’ve liked everything else they’ve released up until now, so why wouldn’t I? “LA chA TA” is up to 150 listens, “Chu” (while not amazing, it was still unique and catchy) at 55, and “Chocolate Love” (only a promo song) at 40.

The album isn’t terrible, but I really thought it would be better. Next to “NU ABO,” “Mr. Boogie” is clearly the next best song. The rest of the songs don’t try hard in my opinion. I am more inclined to like upbeat songs, but I have nothing against ballads. It’s just that things like “Surprise Party” BAFFLE me. It’s like SNSD expect for the part where I actually like listening to SNSD (for the most part)! f(x) is “supposed” to be more funky than SNSD, and this is just soooooo cutesy it hurts. “Ice Cream” seems promising at first but then it falls into cheesiness times a billion (it’s not horrendous, but really… it’s not what I want from this group). No comment on “ME+U.” Okay, comment: I don’t know who is doing the main singing in this “song” but I do not want to know because I might start disliking this person/all of them (lol). I think “Sorry (Dear. Daddy)” is okay because it actually shows off some decent vocals. THANK YOU! It doesn’t get mixed up in any sickeningly-cute business.

Okay, so if I starred/rated in my reviews, this mini-album wouldn’t get anything disparaging. That’s not the point; I just expected f(x) to reach a TAD higher. For me, this is like SHINee’s “Juliette” phase (I hate to say it, but I’ve hardly listened to that mini-album as much as I love SHINee’s music). To summarize all of my vagueness, I think the “NU ABO” mini-album is decent, but it should have been more.

Am I the only one feeling like this? Did I want too much from a relatively rookie group?

I’ll talk about Super Junior tomorrow!

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  1. June 16, 2010 12:07 am

    Yes, ur several disappointments r soo similar too mine

    first, Infinite, first I saw the teaser I was like “Gosh, they’re cool~!!” so I was expecting much, but listening to the title track it was “well, ok…. I ca watch the video w/out sound ;p”

    Second, f(x), I think it was very big disappointment kk First when I saw Sulli’s teaser photo I just …… but then the teaser came out and I got confused, finally the video and the song I was like “wth” I couldnt even believe that those pics were teasing this! song

    Lastly, about SuJu, I’m sooo not the fan of them so I wasn’t expecting kk But the song deserves it ;p and video? what;s this? Sorry Sorry??

  2. June 19, 2010 12:05 pm

    All I’m saying that Mr Boogie is the best song they have done so far really.


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