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Rumors that will excite Taeyang fans

June 13, 2010

Rumors are flying up all over the place about Taeyang’s long-promised album.

Can I just say that I’m super excited about that? I’ll even take rumors at this point. I have been wanting for more Taeyang for so long it’s becoming ridiculous. But really, I probably could wait forever because Taeyang is the Kpop boy who can melt my heart and make me want to hug him for his cuteness instead of being mad about the terrible wait.

I’m starting to think that I just want to give it my all. If I do that, then I can become the best to someone.
-Taeyang (Star Diary interview)

Ah, I love him. Here are a few reasons we have to hope:

  • In part nine of his Star Diary interview, Taeyang says, “I’m doing almost last-minute works. It seems like a little over 10 songs will be included.” Later on he says, “My album is likely about to come out soon. It’s my first full album that I released with my name, so I feel different from the mini album or the single album.”
  • Taeyang mentioned in an interview with MTV Live that the album is expected this June.
  • Sean (of Jinusean fame) said Taeyang shot his album art on the tenth. This was mentioned on Twitter. See the full exchange here.
  • Shaun Evaristo is in Korea. He’s in the YG building… choreographing… for Taeyang? Time will tell.

There are a few tracklists floating around, but I wouldn’t count on them for truth. It’s just fun to speculate! This also is a good sign, because fake/incomplete/etc. tracklists often appear before albums are really released.

  1. The Real Rise
  2. Where U At
  3. Intoxication
  4. 잡을수있다면
  5. Day by Day [Fangirl note: I doubt this title because Big Bang released “Haru Haru/Day by Day” (but maybe)]
  6. 쉬어
  7. Jammin’ Wit Me
  8. Wedding Dress
  9. Fatal 4 Way
  10. 대화
  11. Shine ‘Em

via bigbanghaven

【태 양 Vol. 1 – REAL tracklist 】 [Fangirl note: I question this because one of Big Bang’s concerts was “The Real”]

  1. Free (Intro)
  2. Where U At
  3. Believer
  4. Swimmin’ in the Stars
  5. 내일까지 (Until Tomorrow)
  6. I’ll Be
  7. 웨딩드레스 (Wedding Dress)
  8. Our Love
  9. Can’t We
  10. 새벽 4시 (4:00 a.m.)
  11. Slideshow
  12. 마라톤 (Marathon)
  13. Empty


There is ALSO a release date rumored. It’s June 25 which is very close!

My last thing to add to all this is that Taeyang (by Taeyang standards) is sporting a new look: facial hair (see picture above). Could this mean it’s time? (It’s possible he’s shaved since these images were released, but the events were recent).

Taeyang has become one of my favorite Kpop artists, even when Big Bang is in the mix. I love his voice, his earnestness, his talent… I could go on forever. Even if his album doesn’t come out soon, I’m okay with that. I just like the prospect that it MIGHT come out soon, you know? I feel like once it’s released it will be the only thing I’ll listen to for a while. I need that. I’ve missed that feeling.

Are you looking forward to this album as much as I am? Do you think these rumors amount to anything or is it just wishful thinking by the fans?

5 Comments leave one →
  1. rendyka permalink
    June 13, 2010 8:30 pm

    agree, Taeyang’s voice was fine and cool

  2. June 13, 2010 10:09 pm

    June 25th? My birthday! Very excited and anticipating for his album!

  3. Janelle Marie permalink
    June 14, 2010 3:53 am

    I’m super excited to hear YB’s full album. I can’t wait!

  4. June 15, 2010 1:09 am

    SO excited for this ! TaeYang for me is by far the best ‘urban’ singer in S.Korea. Whilst he hasn’t got the best vocals, his voice suits RnB perfectly and it doesn’t hurt to have mad moves. Only 10 more days to wait (supposedly) !

    But just saw TOP’s MV teaser … I doubt TY will drop his album at the same time, knowing YG would never promote two artists at the same time >_<

    • June 15, 2010 2:20 am

      I know, I just saw the teaser a little while ago. As much as I want TOP’s song and video, it certainly does put a damper on this whole Taeyang-releasing-his-album-shortly thing. Otherwise (despite the fact that TOP isn’t promoting), they’ll be tangoing on the charts. I doubt they’ll allow that.

      SIGH! I can wait though. As long as I get SOME kind of YG dose right now, I’ll be okay. I really want it to be Taeyang, but I’m not worn out yet. I can waittt (and maybe we can expect him in early July?).

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