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Thoughts on KBS Music Bank mid-year special ’10

June 25, 2010

KBS Music Bank had their mid-year special, which had a few artists come back for a bit to perform audience favorites. They also put together a few special stages, which were fun to watch.

  • Kelly Clarkson – My Life Would Suck WIthout YouSNSD Taeyeon/Seohyun, SJ Sungmin, KARA Gyuri/Hara , 2AM Jinwoon, CNBLUE Yonghwa/Minhyuk/Jungshin
    There is some controversy over the Kelly Clarkson “My Life Would Suck Without You” performance. At the end, Taeyeon’s voice goes off key for a minute (supposedly because of a problem with her in-ear monitor), and KBS refused to retape the song because of it. Taeyeon got really pissed, didn’t perform “Oh” well (an understatement; she barely scrapes by), and said she wished Music Bank would provide a “better environment” for the artists. I know where Taeyeon’s coming from, but if you watch the stage, it’s a huge group effort and the problem is only at the veeeery end. I didn’t think it was that bad. At the same time, I feel a bit bad for Taeyeon. Still, she should have given “Oh” a better effort, even if for her fellow members’ sake.

  • Lee Hyori – Chitty Chitty Bang BangKARA Nicole/Seungyeon/Jiyoung, T-ara Jiyeon/Hyomin, f(x) Sulli/Luna, 4minute Jiyoon/Hyuna
    The group of girls who performed Hyori’s “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” was good. The energy was high, and it was very enjoyable to watch. I could watch it several times, probably, and not mind.

  • Rain – Love SongSuper Junior Shindong/Eunhyuk, 2PM Nichkhun/Chansung, 2AM Jokwon
    The guys doing Rain’s “Love Song” was… alright. My favorite part (and favorite dancer in this, actually) was Jokwon. He nailed it. Everyone else was simply okay. I kind of liked Khun’s part though; even if he doesn’t have the strongest voice in Kpop, it has a unique quality which sets him apart from some of his peers. OH, but when Shindong took off his hat the atmosphere was completely ruined LOL. Sry Shindong fans. I don’t know if it was supposed to be as funny as it was?

  • Green Day – 21 GunsGummy, Hwayobi, Lyn
    I watched Gummy, Hwayobi, and Lyn perform Green Day’s “21 Guns” but I didn’t have a lot of interest in it so there isn’t much to say. They did good though.

  • I have recently started listening to C.N.Blue and have chided myself for ignoring them these past few months. I kept thinking I should watch You’re Beautiful first (or something) so I’d be on the same level as most fans. A few days ago I said “screw that” and got some of their songs. I really like them! I really like the fact that they aren’t too young as well. I used to say “Born in ’89? Pah!”, but in this age of baby-idols (don’t even talk to me about being born in ’94 or ’95, and heaven forbid ’96 or younger lol :P), I’m okay with that (FYI, I was born in late ’87 haha). I immediately felt they resembled FT Island (it doesn’t take a genius, what with their similar name structure, band structure, and song structure), and just found out they’re in the same company haha. The thing I like is that Yonghwa is at least born in the 80’s, making me feel less of a creepy noona fangirl than I do with FT Island LMAO (if you average the groups’ ages respectively, there is over a year difference; yes, I did the math). /off topic

It was fun to watch some things I haven’t seen performed in a while. Did you watch any of these clips/the whole thing? What are your thoughts?

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  1. June 26, 2010 2:04 am

    Yey!! for trying out CN Blue. πŸ™‚ They’re goof though I love Jong Hyun’s voice over Yong Hwa’s. Jong Hyun has a gorgeous vibrato. πŸ™‚ It’s most obvious in Now or Never’s second verse. πŸ™‚

  2. June 29, 2010 6:28 am

    I don’t really see the point of doing these Music Bank year-end specials since the real focus is only on who’s the winner and who the boy groups will imitate cause I didn’t really like seeing lost of girls doing Lee Hyori’s Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

    I did enjoy the performances and it’s kind of obvious that the winner would be an SM artist – second year running. SM rules over all which is kind of disappointing, I want to see something unexpected.

  3. karen permalink
    December 7, 2010 2:25 am

    oh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CNBLUE saranghae … hmmph, the Taeyeon is from SNSD ?? i’m not agreed with u woh..!! although i don’t even love SNSD, and taeyeon too ! BUT, i think she is still young . i don’t think she can carry on the so sad things although she is the leader ?! i not sure is she? but, i still think she is only an Small Adult .. Lol !!! she had the mood. only like myself,i remembered when i was in the college in U.K. , i need to go up stage and perform as the cheerleader .. and i was the person who throw by the others ! then when i flew up there, i’ve do a wrong position and IT”S DAMN UGLY when i watch it on the CD !! i feel llike crying and i please those teacher to let me perform again ! but they don’t !!!! they don’t let !!!!! i’m reallyh damn angry buuuut, no one care of me ! then i need to go up stage again .. to sing ! cos i perform 2 performance ! i cried before so my sound was really Disgusting .. my face look very ugly too ! so i perform it badly ! i dowan to give them a good performance although i can !

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