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Handling great expectations for Taeyang

June 26, 2010

With Taeyang’s album coming out in just a few days, excitement is strong for Big Bang’s main singer. However, I honestly think people are building their hopes too high for Taeyang’s album. There are definitely fans who are going to love it no matter what (like me!), but many people seem to have built Taeyang’s music up in such a way that he will never be able to achieve what they imagine it should be. As each of the teasers are released, I’m seeing comments like, “This isn’t what I was expecting,” and “I’m trying not to be disappointed.”

Hey, I have misgivings too. So far, it’s not the magical rainbows-and-unicorns album I was expecting it to be, but here’s what I’ll tell you: I’m trying to open myself up to the possibility that the album is different from my imagination, but possibly in a way that will HAPPILY surprise me. Maybe. (Please.)

If people want my review for “HOT,” you can find it here. While I was very hyped up about it, I had a lot of gripes too (even things I know that bothered me and I didn’t mention; for instance, please note my extreme lack of ANYTHING–aside from optimism–over “Look Only at Me.” It is currently an all-time favorite song). Now it’s one of my most-loved albums! That’s just the way it goes, really.

I guess I’m just a touch worried that people will find that their expectations haven’t been met, and automatically assume that’s a bad thing. Sometimes it is, but when an album isn’t lacking in quality or effort, there are surely things that can be liked.

This isn’t a plea to like Taeyang’s “SOLAR” no matter what, but rather a suggestion to not give up hope yet. How are you feeling about Taeyang’s album so far? People doubted GD during some of his song teasers, but his album was pretty strong. Are you avoiding the previews altogether?

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  1. June 29, 2010 6:25 am

    It’s definitely going to be a great album like G-Dragon was last year only I will appreciate this one more cause it will have a more R&B/Hip-hop feel as Taeyang can pull off of course. 🙂

    Most of the singles, I already love what about you zerohundered?

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