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Excitement for Taeyang’s ‘SOLAR’

June 29, 2010

YG has been releasing previews for Taeyang’s upcoming album, “SOLAR,” for the past few days. It has now reached d-day 1, so I thought I’d share my initial reactions to the songs. All times are Korean, because it’s not the 30th yet here on the east coast. I originally posted these as comments to the videos clips (as soon as they were available) on omonatheydidnt, so these really are what I first thought/felt.

Picture courtesy of Dara’s me2day

  • Solar (Intro)
    10.06.25 – OMGGGGGGGGGG. I had my hands clapped over my face the whole time. My excitement is infinite.

  • Superstar
    10.06.26 – I don’t know if you have been on the internet too long when your brain starts automatically making “key smashing” sounds in your head when you get excited, ie: jdlfkjdsfjsdkfsdklfjsdlkzgkjfa;dlkfjdslkfsdlfalsdkfj!!

    The beginning with the synthy horn sounds kind of surprised me but I like the feel. As soon as Taeyang started singing I felt reassured and excited and omgggggggggggggggggg. It sounds like something from a different decade. I love it though. I mean it. His voice is like… sdjfsldkjf. OMG THIS ALBUM NEEDS TO COME OUT NOW!

  • You’re My
    10.06.27 – Much quieter than what we’ve heard but I love the earnestness in his voice. Guh. “You’re my chocolate” LOLLLLLLL. It’s really pretty though. I think it’s going to be one of those songs that sticks around your head in quiet moments and suddenly you’re in love (this always happens to me with Taeyang’s songs).

    I want to hear the whole song, but so far I’m loving how there isn’t much to this song aside from Taeyang’s voice. Maybe that’s weird. IDK. I guess he could just sing without music and I’d still like it! Can’t wait to hear the full version and the rest of the album!

  • Just a Feeling
    10.06.28 – GUH, I love the beginning. It’s extremely promising. I love this song already omgomgomgomgomgomgggg! So far this album is taking a different direction than “HOT,” but it’s turning out to be okay with me. SDfjdsljldjflsdk the chorusss. HEARTS IN MY EYES RIGHT NOW, FOR REAL FOR REAL.

    To be honest, I’ve liked the other previews, but this is the first one I LOVE. YAYYYYY!

  • Break Down
    10.06.29 – SDFldjs, when I heard his voice I felt okay with the beginning of the song. It’s interesting… almost rap? It is still singing though. It’s fun and different. I really want to hear the full song!

  • After You Fall AsleepWritten and composed by G-Dragon
    10.06.30 -I like the music~ LOL at his “woo!” and other noises. Other than those I’m in love. “I’m so fly like a bird, bird” brb dying. UGH I LOVE IT THOUGH SO MUCH SO MUCH SO MUCH. I will forgive all the weirdness because he is so dreamy. Thanks GD for your smarts and thanks Taeyang for being a sexy beast 4eva.

Mm yeah, I’m totally excited about this album. Totally. Are you ready for it? My only sadness is that I might not be able to review it immediately. I will get my full opinion on the album ASAP though~ Be sure of that!

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  1. June 29, 2010 9:11 pm

    yes yes yes yes yes x million ! we’ll be listening to this baby in less then 24 hours. My fav is Superstar. It just instantly attracted me. But the others are definitely growers, can’t wait to hear the full album.


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