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Review of Taeyang’s ‘Solar’ album

June 30, 2010

I can’t even begin to tell you how hyped I am about Taeyang’s “Solar” album finally being released! I have been wanting this album for forever. I love Taeyang’s voice, his dancing, and his personality. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s here now! Solar! I will gush and gush about this until you want to die, but that’s just how I am; I’m an incurable fangirl when it comes to this boy.

Yesterday I posted my initial thoughts on the songs YG chose to preview. You can read about those here.

  1. Solar (Intro): Can’t breathe… ldjflsjfld. I guess we heard almost the whole version in the preview, but I honestly don’t care at this moment. I really like this intro. It gets you so excited. “Are you ready for ‘Solar’?” YES! Taeyang doesn’t have the best English in the world, but he really knocks it out of the park in this.
  2. Superstar: I’m still not sold on the synthy trumpet sound, but this song is really cool. LDSFJLSDJ I JUST REALIZED I’M LISTENING TO TAEYANG’S ALBUM. DIFJSDLJF. I love his voice so much. I reaaaaally like the feeling of this song. It’s smooth and not boring at all. I know some people weren’t into it, but how could you not like this? I like the pre-chorus a lot. Yeah,YB, I’m your biggest fan (among many others)~ haha. BRIDGE! LOVE IT! (You’re about to get really tired of me abusing positive adjectives and words like “love” LOL.)
  3. I Need a Girl (Feat. G-Dragon): IDLFJDSJKF IT’S THE MAIN TRACK! I LIKE IT 5 SECONDS IN. IS THAT OKAY? LOL the LYRICSSSS. “I need a girl like…” Sick of being single LOL DIESSS. But is it okay that I’m dying from how gorgeous this sounds? I CAN PROMISE YOU THIS IS GOING TO BE A NEW FAVORITE. SONG, PREPARE TO BE ABUSED. It’s silly but I’m kind of gushy and emotional (happy) over this. He sounds SO. AMAZING. I want to explode right now. This isn’t called Fangirltainment for nothing, just so you know. I can’t help but giggle over the voice-overs. GDDDD! He fits in this song. AND HE’S REFERENCING SE7EN! Anyway, he’s not sounding too G-Dragon. He sounds toned done, which works here. BRB DYING BECAUSE TAEYANG WANTS TO KILL ME WITH HIS VOICE. I need you too~
  4. Just a Feeling: I already loved this song from the preview/teaser. It’s sooo pretty and I love the pace. I’m glad they didn’t follow “I Need a Girl” with something slow. The chorus has me so in love, guh. And I can’t get over how we’re getting almost 40 minutes of pure Taeyang (and 30 minutes of those are brand new)! I’ll take that any day of the week. LOL “I want to make love to you, say my name,” wow bb, that’s scandalous of you 😉 I can tell I’ll love this song in the future. I like how Taeyang easily throws around falsetto; my kryptonite, for whatever reason.
  5. You’re My: Out of all the songs previewed, this was my least favorite. I liked it, but it has so much cheesiness to it… However, listening to it again the thing I notice the most is how beautiful Taeyang’s voice sounds (you should start counting how many times I reference this boy’s vocals haha). It’s really a sweet song, even if his English words are a little silly haha. Hang on… this new stuff that wasn’t previewed… loving it so freaking harddd. It’s still cheesy (“you’re my candy”) but it sounds so good. How could I hate it?
  6. Move (Feat. Teddy): TEDDY! I can’t wait to hear this song. It’s new stuff! It’s for the ladies, didn’t you hear? HAHA. I like how it’s taken up a notch from the last track. The earnestness in Taeyang’s voice is perfect. I can kind of see why they didn’t preview this song, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it! It doesn’t have as much variation as the other things we’ve heard so far. You can tell it’s a good track though; it just has a different feel. LOL SO MUCH AT TEDDY THOUGH. Wow, I wonder if this will get banned? It’s so ~sexual~ 😛 LOL I love it though.
  7. Breakdown: The beginning of this song is so different from what the song turns into. It’s really upbeat. I can’t wait to hear how it progresses. The energy is perfect. The autotune is not, but whatever! I love me some Taeyang no matter what. One thing I enjoy about this song is that it’s nothing like what we’ve had in the past from Taeyang. I adore that, actually. It’s a good song.
  8. 니가 잠든 후에 (Feat. Swings) [After You Fall Asleep]: This song, which was written/composed by G-Dragon, DEFINITELY had me as soon as I heard the teaser. I love it even more in full version. It’s the perfect mix of pretty and funky, if that makes sense. It makes me want to die because I love the way the vocals sound, but the music is also AMAZING. It’s a good mix. I think it’s going to wind up being one of my favorite tracks from this album, when all is said and done. Of course, at this point it’s hard to predict exactly what I will love after A LOT of listens (things change after a certain point; early favorites might not hold up), but I feel like no matter what I’ll still like this track. I don’t know who Swings is, particularly, but he works well with the song. Omg, I seriously cannot get over how much I love the chorus!
  9. Where U At: It’s almost funny having this song mixed in with the rest. I still love this song, even after months and months. It’s not the strongest track on the album (I can say that now), but it was good enough to stand on its own for me. I’m really glad it got it’s own video and time to shine. I like the lyrics a lot too; they’re incredibly sweet. I lovelovelove how this is dedicated (sort of) to his soulmate. I’m the kind of person who believes in such things, haha, big surprise. I think it’s great being single, but sometimes it’s easy to ask the question, “Where u at?” (despite all of the grammatical issues with it) after the creepiest guy in class asks you out, or when you’re once again the third/fifth/seventh wheel, etc. Guh, I love Taeyang for this song!
  10. Wedding Dress: Oh my, this track is without a doubt one of my all-time favorite songs. Something about it is heart-breakingly gorgeous. Unlike “Where U At,” I don’t particularly relate to it, but I think it’s a great story. I like the way the song breathes. It grows and grows and makes you happy and sad all at once. At least it makes me that way.
  11. Take it Slow: THE LAST SONG! I like the music so far. It’s very epic feeling. Oh my goodness ;__; I like it so much. So much. It seems multilayered or something? Idk how to explain it. I am loving the chorus. I want a translation ASAP, okplzthx! I am all out of key-smashing and gushing (in the nonsensical way), but ohhh. This reminds me of “Make Love” in a way. It has the perfect feel for a last song. I want to put this on repeat now if that tells you anything. Ohhhhhh it’s ending 😦 I LOVE YOU, SONG.

Holy smokes. I’ve now listened to it. I’ve been wanting to do that for so long! Now that I’ve been through the entire album, I can say that I’m not disappointed in the least. It’s actually a lot like I imagined it! There are songs that I fell in love with immediately, songs that I probably will love later, songs that I will (most likely) never LOVE but always LIKE, and songs that simply felt epic and amazing and asdfljsdlfjd. I know a lot of people would wonder that I’m not more critical, but I am simply a fangirl to the fullest when it comes to Taeyang. Still, if I try to be objective at all (it’s difficult), I’d say this was actually a very solid album. It has some tracks that are weaker than others, but pretty much any album does. I think, on the whole, the album flows together really well. It has some stand-out tracks. I predict a new favorite!

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  1. June 30, 2010 2:48 pm

    Thanks for the review, I haven’t even listened to it. So do you think it’s better than G-D’s Heartbreaker or worse by the way?

    Out of 10, what would you give it?

    • June 30, 2010 3:25 pm

      It’s more my style than GD’s “Heartbreaker,” although I did love that album. I’d give it an 8 or 9 out of 10.

      • July 5, 2010 7:20 am

        Is it me or does Take it Slow also remind me you of that song, McLean’s Wanna Give You My Name?

  2. July 1, 2010 12:14 pm

    Thanks for this. I was debating with myself whether I should buy the album or not. But seeing that you enjoyed it, I’m going to go and see what the hype’s all about. :))

  3. big7bang permalink
    July 2, 2010 10:24 am

    =) agree with a lot of your spazzing..

    actually, from the previews, Just A Feeling was my “least favorite” aka it earned maybe 1 point fewer than the other tracks haha.. but i do like it a lot =) i like the dance a lot too 😀 his performance was wonderful!

    You’re My is really beautiful. His performance wasn’t the BEST but he really delivered. His falsetto progressively improved, and most of the improvement was in the first few seconds of his singing. I do wish the song had less falsetto in it though.

    Take It Slow does have a Make Love feel! My favorite part is the “bounce bounce bounce” part hehe… It’s a really pretty song. The piano part is pretty, but I’ll admit that it sounds used before. Not that I can pinpoint a song that’s used that melody or anything, but yeah… sorry if I don’t make sense ._.

    i really like Move… except I’ll admit I’m not particularly fond of Teddy’s rap – it’s too sexual for me 😛 I mean, it’s a good rap and it’s not THAT bad b/c of course there is always stuff that’s worse than that…but I don’t want Taeyang’s album / that song to be banned or restricted to certain age limits LOL…. I want Solar to kick every other album’s butt in the album sales of 2010, much like Heartbreaker did 🙂

    i love the trumpet sound in Superstar =) It’s a great song! and i LOVE the intro. birds chirping, taeyang’s english, etc etc. seriously, HOT’s intro was banging and now Solar’s intro is banging too… yay taeyang & YG 🙂

    right now After You Fall Asleep is on replay on iTunes. my friends think the chime sounds in the beginning sound asian.. i mean, it IS asian.. but i like haha. you’re right, the chorus is addicting. i like his “whoo” in the beginning… not fond of the “fly like a bird” but idrc haha 😀 Swings does a great job (i always try to imitate his cackle but i can’t :[ maybe after listening to the song.. oh, maybe a couple hundred more times…) i like the ‘eh eh eh eh’ parts a lot, too!

    Where U At actually disappointed me at first. The verses and chorus didn’t really have a melody for me…. The dance was very awesome, as his dances usually are. Later on I listened to it again and the appeal of it increased. It’s a pretty good song, but I prefer all of the other tracks on this album. For me, it’s the weakest track ._. but it’s already a good song…meaning that all the other tracks are even better haha…. I will listen to this when I’m in the mood for it, though, and I’ll admit that I find myself singing the chorus sometimes 😛

    Breakdown is a great song! Oddly, for me, the chorus is the weakest part haha. It’s really good, but the rest of it sounds awesome! Overall a great song to groove to 😀

    Wedding Dress is, for me, timeless. You’re absolutely right – I feel sad and happy at the same time. I feel like he could come to the US with this song and have few worries =)

    The older songs, Prayer and Look Only At Me stand for themselves. Personally I don’t like Prayer that much (maybe I should go re-listen to it, since I’ve forgotten most of how it sounds…). Look Only At Me is great though 🙂 I realized, after Wedding Dress, that both songs use “baby” and “lady” a lot haha =P

    Last but not least, the title track I Need A Girl. Again, my honest feeling after I listened to it was disappointment – mixed with surprise. I actually thought it would be more upbeat, but I like it’s R&B – pop feel. The MV surprised me a lot too, b/c usually Taeyang’s MVs do not include that much smiling – I LOVE it though. I love when he pokes the girl’s arm, and when he sticks his tongue out, and when he’s just grooving in the “white room” scene 🙂 Anyways, back to the song. I guess I wasn’t SO disappointed, but I was just sad that the title song isn’t my favorite. I really really like it though 🙂 I love how the mellow sounds of the chorus kind of just wash over me – but again, for me, the chorus is a bit “weak” in that I like a majority of the rest of the song more than it xD

    Overall, I hope to have the deluxe edition of this album in my room 🙂 If not, then definitely the normal edition. Thanks for sharing your opinion 🙂

  4. bigbang4eva permalink
    July 8, 2010 11:01 am

    i love all his songs i give it a 10 out of 10 i especially looooooooooooooove take it slow its my fav song right now i think ha did a really great job i love the rnb touches^^

  5. July 8, 2010 8:31 pm

    I like how spazzy this post is xD I had been debating whether to buy it or not, but now that I’ve had over a week to listen to the thing, I might just order it.

    I’m really into “After You Fall Asleep” right now. It’s my favorite off the entire album.

    Sweet blog, by the way. 😀


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