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Taeyang’s new ‘I Need a Girl’ MV is ace

July 9, 2010

YG released the new version of Taeyang’s “I Need a Girl” MV today! The details on why they ditched the first video are foggy, but it’s thought that it either wasn’t received well enough by fans or there was some issue (such as plagiarism) that YG didn’t catch until after they released the video to the public. Here are my thoughts on the video:

I’m really surprised they started out with “You’re My,” but it was beautifully done. They kept just enough song in to sound complete, but they didn’t bore you to tears by having EVERYTHING in.

As far as the “I Need a Girl” part, I think it’s pretty classy. It’s so unfortunate that Taeyang and Sandara have nooooo (NONE) chemistry. Taeyang is working it despite this, but Dara is so stiff and wooden. She can’t even pretend that she’s into him D: I wish they did Jihye like they do in his live performances.

To be fair, however, Taeyang has had wayyy more time to perfect this than Dara. Poor Dara probably learned the dance in a few days and had to just go with it, and Jihye is a professional dancer so she is a lot smoother. Still, you want Dara to match him… he is so passionate and putting so much effort into it. You can see his cute face lighting up and her face is such a fake smile 😦

I love G-Dragon’s part! Having GD and and Taeyang sit back-to-back is lovely, especially with their opposite suits. Dara’s solo shots are pretty decent, but I can’t get over how contrived all her expressions look. We’ve seen her acting so much better in the past. Why is she like this now? I guess she’s no good being coy. She probably would do better if she was a little quirker, right? It was funny how they had to stick some gorgeous girls in with GD before the end of his part though, lol.

All in all, it was definitely cleaner than the original. The original was all over the place, and had no cohesion. I love that this one captures the choreography! I think it would have been nice if they actually combined the two, but kept the shots from the original a bit less graphic. Hmm (I’m wondering if it would be fun to edit…). Anyway, I really liked it! I’m glad this song got the video it deserved.

(I’m now going to try my best to keep away from making so many Taeyang posts! You know I love him though ;))

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  1. July 12, 2010 7:15 am

    I think th original MV is better than the crappy dance version. Dara puts no expression into her dancing but Ji Hye is fierce. πŸ™‚

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