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This is a Taeyang post (part 2)

July 9, 2010

This is part two of yesterday’s post about Taeyang. Now, onto his comeback on the first of the month. I wrote these right after I saw them, but my day was really busy and I never got around to it. Anyway, good luck finding these performances online! They usually become private or get removed shortly after they air. Watch them when they’re first released!

You’re My:

I love the simplicity. When the album was released, I wasn’t that into this song. However, it kept getting in my head all day until started like it more. He was a bit… flat… at times? Which was unfortunate. I still love him though!

I Need a Girl:

Choreography = a bit cheesy so far haha. He’s still super smooth. I’m also not into his shirt/vest/whatever that is he’s wearing. He’s really improved at his singing/dancing at the same time thing. I can’t wait for later performances of this when he’ll be even more confident than now. The best thing about this is his adorable smile. Holy smokes. And GD! No matter what, GD has some amazing charisma that kind of makes any performance a lot more exciting. I like his interaction with Taeyang too.

I would have liked it if he had more solo dancing, like in “Look Only at Me.” It’s somehow distracting to see him constantly dancing with a girl. The performance was kind of all over the place, and I don’t mean that metaphorically. It was here and there and everywhere. I liked it, but didn’t love it. I’m keeping hopes open to have my mind changed, but oh well. I thought it was good though! I just know he’s had better performances. Even if he was just dancing with the girl the whole time and didn’t have three thousand and one background dancers… it would have felt cleaner. IDK.

Just a Feeling:

This has turned out to be one of my favorite songs from the album. I loveee it. I’m curious how the dance will go. So far it’s more like I wanted “I Need a Girl” to be. OMG, so cute how the fans already know the words haha. GUH, he’s so gorgeous. I really like this performance. I love Taeyang best when he’s styled simply like this (not that he’s ever too outrageous). He just looks clean and amazing. I’m really surprised this isn’t the main song, to be honest. I hope they wind up making a video for this! I love his jacket! The dance is very MJ, isn’t it? Which isn’t totally surprising.

I am so happy that Mnet gave him so many songs to perform. Loveeelovelovelove.

Over all, I think it was a good stage for a comeback. It could have been tighter, but it was still fun to watch and I liked it.

I’ve come to like the “I Need a Girl” choreography a lot more. It was definitely messy in the first comeback, but his latest on Mnet was muchhhh better. It’s not a catchy dance (you can’t copy it, really), but it’s really entertaining to watch. For some reason, “Just a Feeling” has fallen out of favor with me. I still like it, but it’s just… so-so. IDK. Is anyone else like that? I think the choreography is good, but kind of boring compared to INAG. Hmm.

Finally, I made a Taeyang tribute video just before “Solar” was released. View it here:

I also made a fan-MV for TOP and Taeyang’s “친구/Friend” song. It took me a few months! Check it out here. It has English subtitles too.


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