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This is a Taeyang post

July 9, 2010

Been really busy, so I’ve been gone for a while. Here is what I originally wrote about Taeyang’s “I Need a Girl” MV and his first comeback performance (on Mnet)… but you know what? There is a lot of text. I’ll post the other half tomorrow!


I like the way it starts… interesting. With a book. LOL at his smile in the beginning… and the poke. He’s like… swimming in girls. I love it lmao! He seems super cheerful in this video. I’m loving how it’s kind of a silly video worth smiling about. It’s more like a guy’s fantasy than reality. Dara isn’t particullarly standing out, but that’s okay. It’s all about YB.

This video is so different from how I imagined it! Ugh, GD is looking so good. Really, the most stand-out thing about this video is the happiness and carefree quality. This song could easily be very stiff and serious, but it turns out being really lighthearted. Having lots of genuine Taeyang smiles is worth the randomness of the video.

STILL, after the great production quality of “Wedding Dress,” I’m surprised they went this route. Hmm. It’s not my favorite Taeyang video ever, but I can’t say it was bad. It was different from what he’s done in the past, so I’ll take it as something new and fresh.

Now I have to say that I like it more than I did. It’s cute and simple. It’s also reassuring to have news that we’re getting another version (or rather, a new version) of the MV, which will involve much more dancing. YAY! It was so weird for YG to pull the video shortly after releasing it. I can’t wait to see if they came up with something better.

I’ll post more tomorrow! (here)


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