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Star-studded web drama pleases masses

September 11, 2010

Okay, so a few actors and idols have collaborated for a campaign for the “2010 Korea Tourism Organization Interactive Campaign Sight.” In fab Korean style, the campaign is in the form of a drama; specifically, a web drama. It’s called “Haru: One Day Story”


That is all I can think with this line-up. Every single person in this… holy smokes.

Yunho. Lee Dae-hae. Kim Bum. Han Chae-young. Park Shi-hoo. BIG BANG!

At this point, I basically don’t even care what this is or who it’s for or what it’s promoting. I am just going to sit back and enjoy the heck out of watching it. Plain and simple, this is a great mix of people. LOVE IT OMG.

Here are details for those who crave more information:

What is web drama “Haru ~ a one day story ~”?
At late September, “2010 Korea Tourism Organization Interactive Campaign Sight” will deliver “Haru ~ a one day story ~”, a web drama consists of 6 groups scenario with 10 Hallyu stars acting in them, through its story, the web drama will tell viewers even more about South Korea. All 6 stories will encounter at one important point, having an unforgettable “day” that is framed with beautiful scenery. “Haru” means “Day” in Korean.

The story will center around scenario writer Lee Da Hae as the main focus. Lee Da Hae, Yunho, and Kim Bum will form a triangle, then the protagonist characters in Da Hee’s scenario Han Chae Young and Park Shi Hoo, also BIGBANG’s story about how they branch toward mountains to keep promises to their fans, all the stories will revolve around in one day time.

BIGBANG: energetic idol stars
Yunho: romantic tough action actor
Han Chae Young: sexy stylist
Park Shi Hoo: cute mischievous cafe manager
Lee Dae Hae: a beautiful scenario writer
Kim Bum: photographer with gentle heart

Source: gyao yahoo jp +; Translation:

Here are some image caps from the teaser because I can’t get enough~

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  1. Arie j permalink
    September 12, 2010 8:17 am

    Looks super interesting and it doesn’t hurt that there’s some eyecandy

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