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Review of 2NE1’s ‘아파/It Hurts’ video

November 2, 2010

DFKdsfldsj so: first off, I must apologize for not following through with my former claim of posting more. In short, school is demanding. I won’t bother you with excuses, though.

I’m so out of things that I didn’t know that 2NE1’s video for “아파/It Hurts” was released. !!! I feel like a terrible fan. I’m just going to go ahead and ignore that and enjoy it as if it was just released.

I was so excited when I heard they were doing this song! It’s my favorite from the album. I hope they do it justice.

The styling is pretty fun. Sure, it’s crazy, but in a good way. I loooove Dara’s makeup. I’m totally recreating that look tomorrow! I think Bom’s hair is SUPER cool. It’s unusual and that keeps it interesting. One thing I hate: CL’s lenses. Creepy as heck and completely unnecessary. Don’t go hiding bb’s beautiful eyes!

It was a good idea to have Dara be the main character in the video. She doesn’t get a lot of lines in this song, so… it’s appropriate, I suppose.

Anyway, good video. It was bit EMPTY. I wish there was more substance to it because it felt rather… boring? I still liked it though, and that’s why I think it was successful. I just wish they added more spice to it.

LOVE THESE GIRLS. I need to watch season 2 of 2NE1 TV to make my life complete.

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  1. November 4, 2010 9:46 am

    It felt like I was watching Narsha Bbi-ri-Bop-A but a more calmer coloured version. Minzy’s hair especially reminded me of that.

    I’ve changed my link to:
    Please add my new link, blog is still under construction.

  2. November 5, 2010 10:02 pm

    It’s my favorite song from the album too! I really love the dark video from them

  3. Ari permalink
    November 23, 2010 9:53 pm

    I really think the video could have been better… I felt that it made no sense and that it didn’t really go with the song! Actually… I just didn’t like this music video at all… that’s sad because I expect way too much from them and this song (It being my favorite and everything :/) I guess they just dropped the ball… I hope they don’t go with the dark look next time… I’m really NOT into it! Its creepy and weird and reminds me too much of Lady GaGa… I hate Lady GaGa she’s one of the reasons I don’t listen to American music anymore, and so… I hope 2NE1 goes back to their cool and stylish tough girl clothes… that’s where, I think, they look the coolest! lol. ^^

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