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Two in one: SNSD vs. Kara (reviews)

November 16, 2010

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I won’t be back in full force until December. It’s just life! Thankfully, my blog is plugging right along without me even updating. It keeps me from worrying that I disappear off the face of the internet the minute I don’t update.

There are two releases that I’ve quite enjoyed but not talked about yet. Let’s start with SNSD’s “훗/Hoot.”

The video is worth talking about. I find the use of Siwon completely gratuitous. He’s so pointless but we love him anyway. Put him in a suit and of course we’re all watching! I like watching the video in general, but it’s not one of those ones I want to play over and over. I can’t put my finger on why. I think they could have done without the SUPER fake wigs, but I suppose hat was part of their aesthetic. I really like the choreography; it’s fun that they have the arrow-shooting theme instead of stereotypical gun. I think one thing I can say about the video that bothers me is the weird changes from scene to scene. It just seems like they could have been more cohesive.

The song itself is pretty good. I’ve heard that a lot of people think it’s boring or a lesser song than some they’re released in the past (I suppose “Genie” is the model), but for me it’s worth listening to. I have to agree that it’s not their best, but I certainly can’t say I hate it. I’m not into the way it begins; it just doesn’t fit the rest of the song; it seems like it’s only there to fit in with their style concept.

Everyone looks pretty good when it comes to styling. I like the navy and red suit/outfit especially. Of course, it’s standard SNSD fare, but that considered I find it decent. I think some of their elevator outfits in the video look awfully cheap though. I don’t like Tiffany and Sunny’s blonde hair, but whatever.

My conclusion about this song/video/etc. is that it’s not bad. It’s very catchy and fun, but I think we all know this group can offer something better. If this was a new group or something, I think people would be liking it a lot more. Since everyone is comparing them to previous times, they have to deal with people saying it’s not perfect (me included).

Now we’ll go on to discuss Kara’s “점핑/Jumping.” (Korean video / Japanese video)

I somehow connect with this song more than SNSD’s. It’s not perfect, but the energy level is good. It’s fun and catchy without getting too… I don’t know. I suppose it knows what kind of song it is. It’s not trying to be intelligent or fresh, but rather an addition to the Kara tradition.

I think both the Japanese and Korean versions have good lyrical rhythm. Even if the lyrics aren’t complicated or even that interesting (haha), you just want to go around singing, “only you~.” I think their choreography is simple enough to catch on to as well. It’s not ground-breaking, but it’s somehow easily remembered.

Over all, the song, dance, and video(s) are good enough to get on my radar. I don’t think they’re the best EVER or anything, but quite like the whole package of things. (As a side note, Ji-young looks so freaking gorgeous in this video. Everyone does, but wow. To me, Gyuri has always been the prettiest of the group, but the maknae is swiftly changing that. UGH though, why are they all so stunning? It’s enough to leave a girl jealous!)

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  1. November 20, 2010 3:11 pm

    I think a lot of people compare both because they both debuted in 2007, their styles somehow give a retro/back to the past concept and the fact they have comeback the same time (or so…)

    Towards KARA, the Japanese version is better.

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