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Ripping T-ara’s ‘왜 이러니/Why Are You Being Like This’ to shreds?

November 23, 2010

I’ve been listening to T-ara’s “왜 이러니/Why Are You Being Like This” and I just saw the video. Ready for my thoughts?

Total waste of a video! I found this MV to be completely confusing and boring. There was an attempt at a story but it was so weak that it just jumbled things. Since there was time devoted to that aspect of the video, the sporadic close-ups of the girls weren’t clear enough (with more time devoted to them, maybe they would have improved). I could hardly identify anyone except Jiyeon because they either flashed their faces too fast or not enough (there was a huge lack of Boram). They also kept changing their styling (wtf was with Hyomin’s hair? Did it change color throughout the video?) and I don’t think that helped. Really though, why was it so hard to see everyone? I know I saw each member at least once, but sometimes I’d be seeing a girl on screen and think, “Who is THAT?” (and surprisingly I found Hwayoung very easy to spot even though she is new to the group). ALSO, they didn’t spend enough time showing the choreography to have it included. It just looked silly as all get out, especially when they were dressed for a nice party (because the dance is cutesy).

I suppose I was expecting something better considering they were introducing a new member (Hwayoung). Hmm.

I honestly like the song pretty well. It’s kind of along the lines of SNSD’s “Hoot” for me, but it might grow on me more. As it is, it’s a catchy and fun song, I just don’t know how long I’ll be into it. It’s surprising to me that the video didn’t make me like the song more; that’s usually how it goes. It actually disappointed me to the point that I am not so sure how I like the song now. I mean, I still enjoy it but I feel like there was so much potential for a strong MV.

Once they perform this on a music show I’ll be able to decide if this song can be improved by strong/fun choreography. The little bits they tossed us in the video have me doubting. However, these are the same girls who did the Bo Peep dance! I also loved the choreography for “너 때문에 미쳐/I Go Crazy For You.”

You know I can’t hate T-ara (they’re just one of those groups), but I’m a little frustrated that this isn’t meeting up to their previous standards. What do you think? I’m pretty out of the fandom loop at this point (I literally have two weeks of this semester left, so you might be able to guess what kind of schedule I have), so I may be way off of what most people are thinking. Really though, what’s your take?

(I’m really tempted to ask one question: T-ara, why are you being like this? It just had to be said, LOL.)

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