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An all-over Big Bang explosion of awesome

November 28, 2010

YG Entertainment has just released some important dates for Big Bang:

GD & TOP digital release: December 15, 2010 (High High / Oh Yeah)
GD & TOP album: December 24, 2010
Seungri digital single: January 3, 2011
Big Bang comeback: February 2, 2011

I can’t help but admit that I’m a TOUCH disappointed that Big Bang’s album is being pushed to February, especially considering YG’s track record for timeliness (or lack thereof). I remember around this time last year having them give a tentative itinerary for all of their groups release dates and the only one who was remotely on time was Gummy, and even then we waited months longer than they said. Taeyang also released his album close to the right time, but whatever. Big Bang was going to release an album in the latter half of the year. Boo.

Now that I’ve gotten that disappointment out of my system, let’s celebrate! This is the biggest list of Big Bang release dates we’ve had in forever.

Let’s first talk about the G-Dragon and TOP collaboration! How insane is this? People, as far as I can tell, are basically foaming at the mouth over the news that they are releasing an entire album. It’s actually quite fabulous, and I don’t think the full weight of this has sunk in yet (for me). This is HUGE. Both of these guys are phenomenally talented and it will be incredible to have a whole album for just them. I suppose this means that TOP won’t be coming out with a solo album? I guess I almost like this better, to be honest. I like solo projects just fine, but when there is more than one person performing the energy levels are always better because they can distribute the responsibility/effort better than just one person .

I’m kind of “eh” about Seungri’s solo because I am not a big Seungri fan. I like him a lot, but he has gone through an awkward time of being the cute baby of the group to suddenly NOT having that role. I’m looking forward to him showing a new, more mature side. “Strong Baby” attempted that, but I felt it was a little forced.

One of the most interesting things about all of this is the fact that there is so much Big Bang music being released prior to the actual Big Bang album. I wonder if they were just overflowing with material? Or maybe this was part of the plan all along. Perhaps the GTOP collaboration came out of the half-finished TOP solo and GD’s proficiency with composing. Two half albums making a whole? It could have evolved into that. I’m also assuming that Seungri has been getting a bit bored these past few months. He hasn’t had a good project for a while, and as far as I remember, the last responsibility he had was to help Taeyang out on variety shows like “Strong Heart.”

I’m thinking that all of these new things work with the YG Family concert. I guess that GD and TOP will try out some of their songs, and maybe Seungri will show his. Who knows though! I guess it’s good that they’re not overworking Big Bang in this busy time. I’m guessing that GTOP’s songs don’t require choreography, so that should help keep them focused on the concert.

No matter what, I’m always grateful to hear more music from any of the Big Bang members. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Big Bang’s album to actually be released in Februrary, but it will be bearable even if the date gets pushed. I’m just glad that we no longer have to wait with vague time frames.

What are you excited for the most? GTOP? Seungri? Big Bang?

Sources: Omona 1, Omona 2

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  1. December 2, 2010 7:02 am

    I think a lot of V.I.P’s especially you must be gutted about February but look at the domination that Big Bang will bring from now until what? April, let’s say. I wanna know what kind of song Seung Ri will be doing, something as awesome as Strong Baby perhaps?

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