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Big Bang at MAMA 2010 (I die a little… or a lot)

November 29, 2010

Oh Big Bang. Yes. Yes. Yes.

I just saw Big Bang’s (Taeyang, TOP, and G-Dragon) performances at the 2010 MAMA awards. I don’t even remember what MAMA stands for, so I won’t even try (although I know it has something to do with Mnet and awards). I was fanning myself the entire time (if you don’t know what this is, face your palms toward your face and flutter your fingers back and forth as you grin like an idiot). It was just that kind of performance. I love these three guys best out of Big Bang. THERE. I said it. I think it helps that they are relatively close to my age, so I somehow think of them as peers more than the other two.

I find it completely interesting that each guy’s colors showed through in this performance. Taeyang tried to be a tough guy but he just ends up looking sweet and innocent. When TOP appeared I was struck by how he seems to know how entirely he captures his audience. While Taeyang breathily tried to sing every part, it was already understood that TOP would have moments of pure swagger (ie. entire verses with back-tracking). His hair hair is still not as great as his natural color, but it definitely gives off a certain vibe. G-Dragon just gets out there and flat-out owns the stage.

I found Taeyang’s addition of Dara (in “I Need a Girl“) one of those face-palm moments (although I don’t blame him; I doubt it was his decision… but who knows) because it was so full of awkwardness. They have no chemistry. At all. Ever. I really enjoyed his performance of “Breakdown” though. It was fun to see it, even if it was a little short.

TOP’s huge crowd of dancers was completely amusing. It worked for his style, but at the end he just looks like he has crazy groupies. Maybe that’s what they were going for? I was in love with how they ended “Turn It Up” with Taeyang aiming his gun at TOP. It perfectly transitioned to G-Dragon’s infamous play on SNSD’s “Gee”: “My name is G-G-G-G- baby, baby…” It’s moments like that that make me so happy to be a fan. I have no idea why. It’s just the feeling of respect and awe and love and affection and memories etc. all wrapped up into one.

At first I wondered if they were going to perform “High High,” but then I was just excited that they were performing at all. The fact they will be performing “High High” in the near feature has me practically gagging with excitement (yes, fangirling can get ugly sometimes). I am in love with the album logo and how GD incorporated it into his suit look. It’s so HIM that it hurts. BUT, even though we didn’t get “High High,” we definitely got SOMETHING from GD (who knows what it is? Is it from the album or is it a cover) that sounds very… I don’t know. Basic, but not bad. Then TOP joined him and they performed “뻑이 가요/Knocking Out,” which is definitely from their album.

The energy for “뻑이 가요/Knocking Out” was out of the park. These guys… holy smokes. I no longer feel sad that they’re releasing an album together before Big Bang comes back as a whole. The whole thing where they were circling? LOVE. I adored so much about this performance (with the exception of the dancers having seizures? Or was that choreography? LOL). Seeing GD’s hilariously characteristic bendy dance moves and TOP’s equally stiff “dance” moves… priceless. DOUBLE DOUBLE, DOUBLE DOUBLE COMBO~

ANNND finally, having them finish with “Hallelujah” was GLORIOUS. Combine them all and UGH, my fav. While I wonder if their “violent” ending will get them grief from all over the place (and I must say that I laughed when Taeyang pulled out TWO guns… and they were all standing around… with guns… so many guns), it was a GREAT idea for a GTOP promo. It was kind of symbolic as well. Taeyang was the last Big Bang member to promote, so they’re basically saying it’s the end of the Taeyang era and the beginning of G-Dragon and TOP’s collab.

LOOOOOVE. I keep posting despite being buried alive by work for finals. It’s very hard for me to resist Big Bang. The word “bias” does not even begin to cut it.

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  1. Mylenne permalink
    November 30, 2010 12:19 pm

    o.o love your comments! I think almost the same! 😀

  2. December 2, 2010 7:00 am

    I absolutely loved the performance of Turn it Up. Was glad that he even performed it!! AND HALLEUJAH! What a great song that is. 😀 I’m gonna say that in advance, I already love Knocking Out because it sounds amazing. 😀

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