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G-Dragon and TOP’s ‘High High’ MV is high energy

December 16, 2010

After watching a choppy, fuzzy, streaming preview of the “High High” MV at TOP and G-Dragon’s world premiere on the 14th, I’ve been excited to see “High High” in full (without buffering and with a clear screen). “High High” seems like the kind of track you put on when you want to celebrate good times and enjoy living in the moment. The video is fun and they keep things pretty classy for a club scene, I must say. I’m glad that it’s finally here in high quality.

“High High” is a fun dance-y track, and it’s cool that so many YG Family members make appearances in the video: I spot Teddy, Kush/E.Knock, Taeyang and Seungri. Did I miss anyone? I have a feeling this isn’t going to be my favorite from the album. It’s fun, but definitely not as good as some of the others that were previewed from their album yesterday. It has great energy though, and I appreciate it for what it is.

I like that it’s GD and TOP together this time. They’re just good together. Even though TOP is pretty shy, he totally works the stage. GD is like that all the time, able to get everyone’s attention when he’s in front of an audience. They both do the same thing on stage in that sense, so it really works to have them as a duo.

I’ve seen mixed comments on their use of Caucasians in the video. One comment on YouTube says, “Not to be racisttttt or anything but seriously, Asian music videos shall have Asian people no offense!” What do you think? Personally, I don’t see it as a huge issue… but I’m not Asian. It’s obvious that they have a mix of people, and they’re trying to give a more international vibe. I kind of think that comment IS racist because it’s saying, “Let’s be exclusive because it’s worked for us up until now.” I think it’s great to celebrate your culture and to not choose other races for their accessory-like quality (as if they give some kind of image of class or Western style or something), but there is nothing wrong with being more broad-minded and trying to show that music is a universal thing. In this video, it seems that they are trying to give a club vibe that has a mix of races. I only wish they would have expanded their scope to include more than just whites (as far as the women they had dancing around them).

I was pleased to see that they kept things pretty classy with the video. It could have easily been a lot trashier, but I think they kept unnecessary things at a minimum. There were rumors about risque bunny suits, but it seems those weren’t included. By keeping things “clean,” they put more focus on their style an music, rather than half-naked girls etc.

As far as “Oh Yeah” goes, it sounds really good. It’s pretty chill and it has a smooth vibe. Bom COMPLETES the song; she’s absolutely perfect. I just want to listen to this song forever and ever! It’s very upbeat and it rather compliments “High High” in that it’s on the same energy level… but different. I don’t know though! “High High” is a great track, but somehow this song has me wanting to ~groove~ along.

All in all, the stuff that’s been released up until now has me SUPER excited about their full album release. It actually feels too far away! I’m glad that my time zone allows me to get the album on the 23rd, rather than the 24th. I’d probably get lost in the music too much for Christmas! Even still, who cares about holiday music? I’ll be jamming to this all that way to the new year and beyond.

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