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G-Dragon is clearly a liar when it comes to his love life

December 19, 2010

There really is not much more to be said except what the title has already pointed out: G-Dragon lies through his teeth about having a girlfriend during a recent interview. Sure it’s just speculation, but it’s also fact. KIDDING, but I know you all like to TRY to figure things out as much as I do. Even if we’re being uber fangirls (or boys) and picking this apart to the point of ridiculousness, who cares? This is the life of a rabid fan.

Here’s the scoop. On KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay”, G-Dragon and TOP were interviewed about a variety of things. One of the questions was this:

[GD and TOP] affirmatively said “No” when the reporter asked if they had any girlfriends. Slyly, the reported persisted, “Are you sure that’s not an answer with your boss in mind?”. Yet both T.O.P and G-Dragon answered, “Our boss would actually rather see us living a stable life with a stable girlfriend.”

If you watch the interview clip (at about 2:20), the interviewer ask them something along the lines of wouldn’t it be nice to have a girlfriend for Christmas, and then on to ask if they have girlfriends and then she asks the same question to GD directy. To clarify, she actually singles GD out to ask about his relationship status. TOP makes some kind of general comment and she asks, “Do you have (a girlfriend)?” and TOP pauses before saying, “I don’t.” He is under suspicion as well, but we’ll pass on him because he’s more ambiguous. She turns to GD and he quickly answers, “No.”

It’s hilarious because he just sits with a funny kind of smile on his face. You have to check it out!

Of course, this isn’t the first time GD has acted like this over the dreaded “girlfriend” question. More and more Big Bang fans are believing that GD is in a relationship, so it’s easy to find confirmation when you’re looking specifically for it. Does this clip mean anything much? Not exactly, but I think it’s cute to wonder if he’s joining the ranks of the YG Family members who like to keep their relationships quiet until forever or everyone finds out/someone gets pregnant (this may or may not be in reference to Se7en and YHS). Even if they were going to reveal if they have girlfriends, I very much DOUBT they’d do so on such a small, promotional appearance.

Let’s keep it fun and mysterious. Until the next time G-Dragon acts suspiciously during an interview, let’s leave it to rest… except let’s first discuss it at length in the comments. I’M GAME!

Sources: AKP & Nate via Omona.

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  1. cat(: permalink
    December 30, 2010 11:06 am

    This was the article i was talking about 🙂 does he or does he not? …. god … i’m so curious

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