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GD and TOP’s Inkigayo comeback (debut?) 101219

December 20, 2010

I saw G-Dragon and TOP performing on Inkigayo a few hours after it was aired (really early my time on the 19th), and OH man. LOVED IT. Here are some of the notes I took while watching it. I would have posted them sooner, but I went straight to bed after viewing the performance:

Kinda just realized that this is Big Bang. Performing. On stage. Albeit, it’s not ALL of Big Bang, but this is just LOVELY and I will appreciate it. I mean, they have a special kind of charisma no one can duplicate.

The energy on stage for “High High” is crazy good. They look like bobble-heads when they first appear! I love how TOP and GD interact on stage… guh, it’s so fun to watch. They really make their lack of choreography work like heck. Instead of a straight-up dance, they have stuff that’s more akin to skits.

I think I died from laughing when TOP winks at the beginning of “Oh Yeah.” ALSO, LOVE LOVE LOVE Bom as soon as she appears. GD and Bom dancing together is OMG, favorited (lol). ANDDDDDDD her interacting with TOP? Can there be more things to love about this?

Both of these performances are fantastic because it seems like they’re having a great time on stage. That always shows through and infects the audience with a lot of happiness! I can feel it.


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