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Girl Story is a WTF story

December 27, 2010

A new group called “Girl Story” recently debuted with the song “Pinky Pinky.” All newbies have some kind of special thing that sets them apart, and Girl Story is no different. What’s their “thing”? THEIR AGE. They have an average age of 9. Your computer screen isn’t short-circuiting; that’s really the truth.




I can’t fault the girls or their parents for wanting a fun hobby; I mean, didn’t we all do extra-curricular activities when we were their ages? The part that makes me crazy is that this is just another money-making scheme. Sure, we could even begin comparing this kind of thing to an American equivalent, such as Willow Smith. I have to say it’s easy to make excuses for her because she has undeniable talent. HOWEVER, the difference here is that the US has clear child labor laws and it seems like SK is still working on theirs. And even with proper labor laws, it’s always a question of whether it’s healthy for someone that young to be in the limelight. Will there ever be a child star that survives without a mountain-high load of baggage?

There are so many questions when it comes to this, but when it comes to Girl Story, I just feel sad. These girls don’t even have solid talent to back them up in their venture into the entertainment world. Supposedly, some of these girls are known for acting, but it’s clear that singing is not their forte (especially if they have to be auto-tuned into oblivion). Why can’t kids just be kids? Why can’t this just be some recital, where all the parents will gush with pleasure at the adorable imperfection that children and pre-teens are so good at embracing (when we adults try to hide it all the time). It’s just too hard to see these girls dressed as mini-grownups with fake voices and fake dances and…


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  1. December 28, 2010 3:04 pm

    You should know, I have a rule now. Even though there are artists that debuted young (e.g BoA, Charlotte Church, Willow Smith) as the years go by and more people are becoming more into using sex appeal (or it’s becoming a hidden message in songs), I think they should have an age limit of 15-16. WHY WERE THEY EVEN ALOUD TO PERFORM?! The song is in autotune.

    They just seem like they are having fun on stage, they don’t seem to have actual talent. I disapprove of this along with GP Basic. I’m afraid. They need to go back and play in primary school or kindergarten.

    By the way, zerohundred I have a few new posts up you might want to check out.

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