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MBLAQ’s ‘Cry’ review

January 3, 2011

I thought I’d whip up a quick review of MBLAQ’s “Cry” song and MV. I generally like MBLAQ and I’m glad that they’ve finally released something new.

The beginning of the MV just made me laugh. SRY. I think English intros are so overdone and when they sound like THAT, of course I’m going to snicker. It’s just a law of nature. Also, please don’t let Thunder veer from dark hair. IT MAKES ME INCREDIBLY SAD. So few K-pop stars can do hair that light, and I don’t think he’s among the handful that can.

Really not into the man-eyeshadow craze that’s sweeping Korea. Guy-liner, yes. I can handle that if it’s done correctly. Blue sparkles? NO. IT’S DISTRACTING AS HECK, EVEN ON GIRLS. OKAY? Please listen D:

Other than these things, the styling is tolerable and the video quality is good. I’m terribly reminded of “Y” in so many aspects, but I’ll just put that thought away as it probably just means that they’re trying to cultivate some kind of reoccurring concept for the group. OR NOT. I liked the water element though. It was both pretty and interesting.

The song is nice, I suppose. It’s ~passionate~ and ~emotional~, which is definitely one route a group can take with their music. I definitely see some kind of relationship with MBLAQ and Rain through music and concept choices alone. There is an undeniable similarity/link. I’m into the song enough that I consider it refreshing and worth listening to. Lately everything is so-so for me, so I think that “Cry” is just a step above that. Maybe it will grow on me further at some point.

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  1. Taz permalink
    January 3, 2011 10:55 am

    so basically you dont like minimalist designs… coz thats how i see the video…

    • January 3, 2011 12:21 pm

      I didn’t say that I disliked the video design, and I don’t find this video to be minimalist at all. What I didn’t like about the video was that it was a lot of rehashing from “Y” (the dark sets with various ways of lighting; it’s a good look, but I think it’s time for something different), and that they went overboard on the eyeshadow. I generally liked the look of everything, but I felt it was more modern/eclectic than minimalist. To me, this is minimalism, and MBLAQ’s style is a bit more than that 😉

      Also, please know that I wrote this at 5 am, a time when I can be more critical that normal LOL.

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