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GD and TOP’s ‘뻑이가요/Knock Out’ is outtasight

January 4, 2011

I was so excited when I found out they were making a video for GD and TOP’s “뻑이가요/Knock Out” song. When evaluating my interesting in their album, I initially thought “Oh Yeah” was my favorite track. However, it hit me later that “뻑이가요” is actually the song that’s the most dynamic and interesting, and I am basically in love with it (it’s funny how revelations like this come suddenly). It’s the kind of song that continuously grows on a person until it’s undoubtedly in the lead.

The video is absolutely perfection. It’s eccentric, gratuitous, and over-the-top. This song demands that kind of imagery, so I’m glad they went that route. It’s simple, but effective.

I was not into the smokey-dreamy effect that seemed to dominate the video. I WANT CLARITY. I NEED TO SEE GTOP IN CRISP LINES. Other that that, there is just too much to even comment on (in a good way).

I’m still not a fan of the dance (it’s so ugly), but whatevs. FAVORITE PART? Definitely when TOP and GD are popping bubble-wrap like it’s their job. LOVE. I really liked the crazy styling, especially GD’s. I remember back when people gave him so much grief for his clothing choices, but nowadays it’s expected. Haters gonna (still) hate, but I’m not one of them. A fashion revolution won’t start with conformists, so let GD ring. (TOP in various suits deserves an A+, just in case you didn’t know this already.)

G-Dragon and TOP with bubble wrap

The young girls featured in the video… future group in the making? I want to know who they are.

Of course, the most “wtf” moment of the video (if only one can be chosen) is the Segway part. LMAO. Dying forever at the randomness of that.


What did you think? Am I only seeing through the eyes of an obsessed fan (well, let’s just forget that this is always how I see), or is this actually pretty decent?

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