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1. a particular girl who is a fan of entertainment: Fangirltainment fangirls about K-pop like her life depends on it; she should quit life already and become a full-time Big Bang stalker.

G-Dragon is clearly a liar when it comes to his love life

December 19, 2010

There really is not much more to be said except what the title has already pointed out: G-Dragon lies through his teeth about having a girlfriend during a recent interview. Sure it’s just speculation, but it’s also fact. KIDDING, but I know you all like to TRY to figure things out as much as I do. Even if we’re being uber fangirls (or boys) and picking this apart to the point of ridiculousness, who cares? This is the life of a rabid fan.

Here’s the scoop. On KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay”, G-Dragon and TOP were interviewed about a variety of things. One of the questions was this:

[GD and TOP] affirmatively said “No” when the reporter asked if they had any girlfriends. Slyly, the reported persisted, “Are you sure that’s not an answer with your boss in mind?”. Yet both T.O.P and G-Dragon answered, “Our boss would actually rather see us living a stable life with a stable girlfriend.”

If you watch the interview clip (at about 2:20), the interviewer ask them something along the lines of wouldn’t it be nice to have a girlfriend for Christmas, and then on to ask if they have girlfriends and then she asks the same question to GD directy. To clarify, she actually singles GD out to ask about his relationship status. TOP makes some kind of general comment and she asks, “Do you have (a girlfriend)?” and TOP pauses before saying, “I don’t.” He is under suspicion as well, but we’ll pass on him because he’s more ambiguous. She turns to GD and he quickly answers, “No.”

It’s hilarious because he just sits with a funny kind of smile on his face. You have to check it out!

Of course, this isn’t the first time GD has acted like this over the dreaded “girlfriend” question. More and more Big Bang fans are believing that GD is in a relationship, so it’s easy to find confirmation when you’re looking specifically for it. Does this clip mean anything much? Not exactly, but I think it’s cute to wonder if he’s joining the ranks of the YG Family members who like to keep their relationships quiet until forever or everyone finds out/someone gets pregnant (this may or may not be in reference to Se7en and YHS). Even if they were going to reveal if they have girlfriends, I very much DOUBT they’d do so on such a small, promotional appearance.

Let’s keep it fun and mysterious. Until the next time G-Dragon acts suspiciously during an interview, let’s leave it to rest… except let’s first discuss it at length in the comments. I’M GAME!

Sources: AKP & Nate via Omona.


G-Dragon and TOP’s ‘High High’ MV is high energy

December 16, 2010

After watching a choppy, fuzzy, streaming preview of the “High High” MV at TOP and G-Dragon’s world premiere on the 14th, I’ve been excited to see “High High” in full (without buffering and with a clear screen). “High High” seems like the kind of track you put on when you want to celebrate good times and enjoy living in the moment. The video is fun and they keep things pretty classy for a club scene, I must say. I’m glad that it’s finally here in high quality.

“High High” is a fun dance-y track, and it’s cool that so many YG Family members make appearances in the video: I spot Teddy, Kush/E.Knock, Taeyang and Seungri. Did I miss anyone? I have a feeling this isn’t going to be my favorite from the album. It’s fun, but definitely not as good as some of the others that were previewed from their album yesterday. It has great energy though, and I appreciate it for what it is.

I like that it’s GD and TOP together this time. They’re just good together. Even though TOP is pretty shy, he totally works the stage. GD is like that all the time, able to get everyone’s attention when he’s in front of an audience. They both do the same thing on stage in that sense, so it really works to have them as a duo.

I’ve seen mixed comments on their use of Caucasians in the video. One comment on YouTube says, “Not to be racisttttt or anything but seriously, Asian music videos shall have Asian people no offense!” What do you think? Personally, I don’t see it as a huge issue… but I’m not Asian. It’s obvious that they have a mix of people, and they’re trying to give a more international vibe. I kind of think that comment IS racist because it’s saying, “Let’s be exclusive because it’s worked for us up until now.” I think it’s great to celebrate your culture and to not choose other races for their accessory-like quality (as if they give some kind of image of class or Western style or something), but there is nothing wrong with being more broad-minded and trying to show that music is a universal thing. In this video, it seems that they are trying to give a club vibe that has a mix of races. I only wish they would have expanded their scope to include more than just whites (as far as the women they had dancing around them).

I was pleased to see that they kept things pretty classy with the video. It could have easily been a lot trashier, but I think they kept unnecessary things at a minimum. There were rumors about risque bunny suits, but it seems those weren’t included. By keeping things “clean,” they put more focus on their style an music, rather than half-naked girls etc.

As far as “Oh Yeah” goes, it sounds really good. It’s pretty chill and it has a smooth vibe. Bom COMPLETES the song; she’s absolutely perfect. I just want to listen to this song forever and ever! It’s very upbeat and it rather compliments “High High” in that it’s on the same energy level… but different. I don’t know though! “High High” is a great track, but somehow this song has me wanting to ~groove~ along.

All in all, the stuff that’s been released up until now has me SUPER excited about their full album release. It actually feels too far away! I’m glad that my time zone allows me to get the album on the 23rd, rather than the 24th. I’d probably get lost in the music too much for Christmas! Even still, who cares about holiday music? I’ll be jamming to this all that way to the new year and beyond.

TOP and G-Dragon world premiere recap

December 15, 2010

Last night (well, at 3 am) I watched TOP and G-Dragon’s world premiere for their album on YouTube. Or, rather, I tried. Here is my recap/comments/reactions to the night. If you want to watch this event for yourself, WTFpopK has a recorded version on USTREAM. I’m very appreciative for them restreaming the event because it made it possible for people like me to see; the one on YouTube buffered so much that it was impossible to see anything.

Read more…

T-ara comeback extravaganza: Energy, (no?!) clothes, culture, & :o faces

December 5, 2010

I have a giant T-ara post for you! In it I cover their comeback performance on KBS Music Bank and also discuss “Yayaya” in depth (the song, video, cultural references, etc).

I have to say that “왜 이러니/Why Are You Being Like This” seemed a bit more exciting on stage than in the video. It’s pretty odd, though, because the stage was kind of boring. The energy level was wayyy down. I’m not getting a good vibe from T-ara on this song. The song has grown on me a lot, but I’m glad it’s not their main track. It’s just not as addictive as it could be. OH, I totally cracked up at the major differences in height that are even more apparent now that Hwayoung has been added to the group. And DANG, she’s tall. Also, she looked a lot different on stage than in pictures. I wish they’d give Soyeon bangs again because I think she looks so cute like that. Not in love with Jiyeon’s hair.

Total LOL bit of information is that Music Bank thought rejected their original outfits (presumably the same but with hot pants and bare legs), so they revised by wearing tights. I actually think they look really classy like this. You get to focus on their cute faces rather than worrying how old they all are 😉 LOL.

ANYWAY, I haven’t talked about “Yayaya” at all yet, so let’s get into it. First of all, I think it’s easy to see concepts like this one and (especially as an American) get riled up over how politically incorrect it is (did you see the video? Phew). However, I suppose I’m very forgiving when it comes to Asian countries doing things like this because I chalk it up to ignorance of the whole situation. I also don’t think they’re disrespecting Native culture as with something like MC Mong’s “Indian Boy” (although I know he meant no harm as well) because they’re mostly only using visual aspects for their concept. Sure, some of the dance moves etc. hark back to stereotypes, but again: ignorance. I’m not saying it’s right, but I find it passible. In a lot of Western countries, diversity is both a hot topic and something we’re used to for the most part. South Korea, however, is culturally homogeneous (which means they have little diversity). You have to give them some grace because they don’t have the same background as people who live and breathe a diversity of cultures. (And don’t think we’re immune to cultural misrepresentations; just see what Hollywood’s pooping to get an idea about Asian stereotypes–it’s not pretty).

I just had to get that out of the way.

As for the song, I find it rather forgettable–even more so than “Why Are You Being Like This.” I think it works better as a promotional song, but there is something special missing from it. I can’t put my finger on it. It’s still a fun track; I can’t really find anything to complain about other than it doesn’t make a huge impression. The video was similar; it was enjoyable to watch, but nothing special. I think it was better than the chaotic videos for “Why Are You Being Like This” or “너 때문에 미쳐/I Go Crazy Because of You.”

When it comes to the performance, I think the energy was better. It was still not perfect, because it had a very contrived feeling, but I think it was worth the time of watching. Their outfits are ADORABLE and I think the set decorations (colors!) were pretty fitting for their look. The dance is so cute and fun! I feel like entertainment-wise, “Yayaya” has the potential to be up there with “Bo Peep Bo Peep.” TIME WILL TELL. T-ara just needs to pump of the performance level. I feel like Hyomin, Jiyeon and Eunjung were doing most of the work in this department. Some members would give energy for the camera, but in wide shots you couldn’t tell. For instance, Soyeon’s constant 😮 face didn’t translate as well as Hyomin’s ever-changing expressions. IDK.

Anyway, I’m excited that T-ara is promoting again. They always get me talking! I feel like with them and 4minute I don’t have a huge attachment or need to please anyone (although I typically cater to myself alone LOL), so I wind up feeling free to talk freely.

What do you think about T-ara’s new songs? Yay or nay? Do you feel like Kpop should stay away from bringing other cultures into their styling or is it harmless fun?

I think Hwayoung fits in really well, but I need to see her more integrated. AND SHE IS SO TALL. Haha.

Big Bang at MAMA 2010 (I die a little… or a lot)

November 29, 2010

Oh Big Bang. Yes. Yes. Yes.

I just saw Big Bang’s (Taeyang, TOP, and G-Dragon) performances at the 2010 MAMA awards. I don’t even remember what MAMA stands for, so I won’t even try (although I know it has something to do with Mnet and awards). I was fanning myself the entire time (if you don’t know what this is, face your palms toward your face and flutter your fingers back and forth as you grin like an idiot). It was just that kind of performance. I love these three guys best out of Big Bang. THERE. I said it. I think it helps that they are relatively close to my age, so I somehow think of them as peers more than the other two.

I find it completely interesting that each guy’s colors showed through in this performance. Taeyang tried to be a tough guy but he just ends up looking sweet and innocent. When TOP appeared I was struck by how he seems to know how entirely he captures his audience. While Taeyang breathily tried to sing every part, it was already understood that TOP would have moments of pure swagger (ie. entire verses with back-tracking). His hair hair is still not as great as his natural color, but it definitely gives off a certain vibe. G-Dragon just gets out there and flat-out owns the stage.

I found Taeyang’s addition of Dara (in “I Need a Girl“) one of those face-palm moments (although I don’t blame him; I doubt it was his decision… but who knows) because it was so full of awkwardness. They have no chemistry. At all. Ever. I really enjoyed his performance of “Breakdown” though. It was fun to see it, even if it was a little short.

TOP’s huge crowd of dancers was completely amusing. It worked for his style, but at the end he just looks like he has crazy groupies. Maybe that’s what they were going for? I was in love with how they ended “Turn It Up” with Taeyang aiming his gun at TOP. It perfectly transitioned to G-Dragon’s infamous play on SNSD’s “Gee”: “My name is G-G-G-G- baby, baby…” It’s moments like that that make me so happy to be a fan. I have no idea why. It’s just the feeling of respect and awe and love and affection and memories etc. all wrapped up into one.

At first I wondered if they were going to perform “High High,” but then I was just excited that they were performing at all. The fact they will be performing “High High” in the near feature has me practically gagging with excitement (yes, fangirling can get ugly sometimes). I am in love with the album logo and how GD incorporated it into his suit look. It’s so HIM that it hurts. BUT, even though we didn’t get “High High,” we definitely got SOMETHING from GD (who knows what it is? Is it from the album or is it a cover) that sounds very… I don’t know. Basic, but not bad. Then TOP joined him and they performed “뻑이 가요/Knocking Out,” which is definitely from their album.

The energy for “뻑이 가요/Knocking Out” was out of the park. These guys… holy smokes. I no longer feel sad that they’re releasing an album together before Big Bang comes back as a whole. The whole thing where they were circling? LOVE. I adored so much about this performance (with the exception of the dancers having seizures? Or was that choreography? LOL). Seeing GD’s hilariously characteristic bendy dance moves and TOP’s equally stiff “dance” moves… priceless. DOUBLE DOUBLE, DOUBLE DOUBLE COMBO~

ANNND finally, having them finish with “Hallelujah” was GLORIOUS. Combine them all and UGH, my fav. While I wonder if their “violent” ending will get them grief from all over the place (and I must say that I laughed when Taeyang pulled out TWO guns… and they were all standing around… with guns… so many guns), it was a GREAT idea for a GTOP promo. It was kind of symbolic as well. Taeyang was the last Big Bang member to promote, so they’re basically saying it’s the end of the Taeyang era and the beginning of G-Dragon and TOP’s collab.

LOOOOOVE. I keep posting despite being buried alive by work for finals. It’s very hard for me to resist Big Bang. The word “bias” does not even begin to cut it.

An all-over Big Bang explosion of awesome

November 28, 2010

YG Entertainment has just released some important dates for Big Bang:

GD & TOP digital release: December 15, 2010 (High High / Oh Yeah)
GD & TOP album: December 24, 2010
Seungri digital single: January 3, 2011
Big Bang comeback: February 2, 2011

I can’t help but admit that I’m a TOUCH disappointed that Big Bang’s album is being pushed to February, especially considering YG’s track record for timeliness (or lack thereof). I remember around this time last year having them give a tentative itinerary for all of their groups release dates and the only one who was remotely on time was Gummy, and even then we waited months longer than they said. Taeyang also released his album close to the right time, but whatever. Big Bang was going to release an album in the latter half of the year. Boo.

Now that I’ve gotten that disappointment out of my system, let’s celebrate! This is the biggest list of Big Bang release dates we’ve had in forever.

Let’s first talk about the G-Dragon and TOP collaboration! How insane is this? People, as far as I can tell, are basically foaming at the mouth over the news that they are releasing an entire album. It’s actually quite fabulous, and I don’t think the full weight of this has sunk in yet (for me). This is HUGE. Both of these guys are phenomenally talented and it will be incredible to have a whole album for just them. I suppose this means that TOP won’t be coming out with a solo album? I guess I almost like this better, to be honest. I like solo projects just fine, but when there is more than one person performing the energy levels are always better because they can distribute the responsibility/effort better than just one person .

I’m kind of “eh” about Seungri’s solo because I am not a big Seungri fan. I like him a lot, but he has gone through an awkward time of being the cute baby of the group to suddenly NOT having that role. I’m looking forward to him showing a new, more mature side. “Strong Baby” attempted that, but I felt it was a little forced.

One of the most interesting things about all of this is the fact that there is so much Big Bang music being released prior to the actual Big Bang album. I wonder if they were just overflowing with material? Or maybe this was part of the plan all along. Perhaps the GTOP collaboration came out of the half-finished TOP solo and GD’s proficiency with composing. Two half albums making a whole? It could have evolved into that. I’m also assuming that Seungri has been getting a bit bored these past few months. He hasn’t had a good project for a while, and as far as I remember, the last responsibility he had was to help Taeyang out on variety shows like “Strong Heart.”

I’m thinking that all of these new things work with the YG Family concert. I guess that GD and TOP will try out some of their songs, and maybe Seungri will show his. Who knows though! I guess it’s good that they’re not overworking Big Bang in this busy time. I’m guessing that GTOP’s songs don’t require choreography, so that should help keep them focused on the concert.

No matter what, I’m always grateful to hear more music from any of the Big Bang members. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Big Bang’s album to actually be released in Februrary, but it will be bearable even if the date gets pushed. I’m just glad that we no longer have to wait with vague time frames.

What are you excited for the most? GTOP? Seungri? Big Bang?

Sources: Omona 1, Omona 2

TOP is in danger (and I fail as a fan)

November 27, 2010

As the title says, TOP of Big Bang is in danger. Why? Why would he be in danger?


First off, don’t laugh at me for not knowing about this forever ago (as in last week). I’m so behind in Kpop news that it’s a joke to pretend I even know what’s going on anymore. Im definitely going to be catching up in about 10 days, however.

I’m willing to let it grow on me, because it’s kind of kick-a, but holy O’s this look shocks me. I’m going to hope it’s encouragement to start believing Big Bang might really make a comeback within the next six months. KEEP THE HOPE ALIVE.

I also trust that these ~candid~ pictures aren’t doing him justice. But I’m SO sad. I considered just making this post a picture and “:(” and leaving it at that. He rules his natural color like it’s his kingdom, so I am really questioning YG and their stylists at this particular moment.

Dang, their album better make up for this.

(It’s also the CUT that freaks me out. WHY SO RECTANGULAR? Just… no.)

I also have seen that G-Dragon has new hair (WHY IS THE RED GONE). I honestly don’t know what to believe anymore! My world has been turned upside down. I just realized too that it’s my three year Big Bang anniversary. I feel like a fail fan for not being on top of huge things like hairstyles 😦 ALSO, I just heard of “High High” and it’s secret MV shooting a few days ago/mostly now and ughhh, it’s very sad to me that I still can’t put together what all of this is about.

What do you think? Love it or hate it? It seems like it’s split into two camps at the moment. Take a side! Also, feel free to unload any recent news you have about Big Bang and it’s members. I know school has officially taken over my life when I’m not even up-to-date on Big Bang.